Address: 160 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7DE London

Telephone: 020 7627 6505


Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 12 noon – 4:30pm

We were unsure about this restaurant, mainly because we didn’t like the name – sounded creepy. But we overcame our fears and headed out early on Friday night. But not early enough, as the place was already very full even by 7.00pm. So booking at the end of the week is essential. They describe themselves as offering “Serious Steaks & Sunday Roasts” and their USP is serving ethically sourced meat. They do have a veggie option, but I wouldn’t advise it as there would still be bloody corpses on adjoining tables. It’s small and intimate (read closely packed) and dark – hence the quality of the photos.The menu has nibbles and starters, where you can get part of your five-a-day – although the pork scratchings did look good. We chose to share a beetroot and feta salad – described as Heritage Beetroot with Blood Orange Marmalade, Roasted Hazelnut & Feta. We both enjoyed it, but there was a lot of pickle juice on the red beetroot and it might as well have come from a jar. We were glad of the marmalade, which made it a tad sweeter.knife02

Then we come to the main event – cuts of beef from the Lake District (4 kinds) or you could have a sharing plate which is expensive (one mentioned by our waiter was £80). Other options were pork, chicken, or fish and the one veggie option, BBQ Heritage Carrot  with Cabbage Paneer, Date & Garem Granola. We have no idea what this was like as we opted for the steak – one ribeye (ordered medium rare) and one rump (ordered rare). However, we think they mixed up the orders, as the ribeye was definitely more than pink.


We added more gravy and bearnaise sauce, as well as hispi cabbage and truffle mash. They gave us a plate of mini Yorkshire puds and extra gravy anyway. We loved the cabbage but were disappointed at the level of truffle in the mash – which was also pretty solid. The chef agreed with us and took that off the bill.

To the meat. We don’t eat a lot of it normally and especially not beef, which is high on the climate change top ten, but it was excellent and we did enjoy it. But this is a bit like a Big Mac – you might yearn for it and then afterwards think it will be at least two years before you try it again.

We also ordered desserts. They were a brownie sundae with milk ice cream – incredibly large but completely polished off – and a rhubarb fool not worthy of the name. Too much cream and not enough rhubarb.

The bill came to £105.75, including service plus a 500ml carafe of excellent Pinot Noir and free tap water. So an expensive but memorable night out.

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