address: Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ

This is on the second floor of Pop Brixton – the arrangement of storage containers near the Recreation Centre. It is a narrow corridor of a restaurant with just one line of tables with bench seating inside for about 20 covers but there is a bit more space outside in clement weather. When we arrived there was a 40-50 minute wait unless you were prepared to sit outside – we were hungry enough to put up with the bracing evening air.

We have been here before and not much has changed so look here for a full account. You’ll also have to look there for some photographs – on this visit it was too dark to get any thing worth including. We chose four options from the short menu. We chose our favourite Bhel Puri which has raw mango; Samphire Pakoras; Torched mackerel. The Bhel Puri was fantastic and we polished this off really quickly. The idea of Samphire Pakoras is great but we had forgotten that in practice they tend to be a bit woody and, hence, they were not our favourite. Unfortunately, we had ordered two portions and we failed to work work our way through them both. On the other hand the torched mackerel was really tasty and we would definitely try it again.

We washed it all down with a fresh lime soda and a bottle of Curious Brew Lager. The total bill came to £31.35. We didn’t linger and will certainly look up our review next time we come, so we can avoid things that weren’t great. It’s a shame you can’t book but, nevertheless, we will return so that we make our way through the rest of the interesting menu of what is still some of the best food in Brixton.

Trinity Arms – Burger Shack

address: The Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, Brixton, London, SW9 8DR

telephone: 020 7274 4544



The refurbished Trinity Arms reopened in mid-August providing much more space in the bar, a little loss of character and something new upstairs , a Burger Shack. You might well question the need for another burger bar, particularly in Brixton where burger lovers are spoilt for choice, but it seems that this is something Young’s, the Brewery, are rolling out across their chain of pubs. You can still get other food in the bar, but upstairs it’s just the burgers. It seems a bit odd and it will be interesting to see how it works out. The key difference here is perhaps it has more of a restaurant like ambience, rather than the “fast food, eat your burger and get out”, feeling you get at the other places in Brixton.

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A short bus ride away No 2 – Hood (Streatham)


address: 67 Streatham Hill, London SW2 4TX

Tel: 0.0 36013320



Trying to find somewhere for a leisurely meal in Brixton is more difficult now so we set off with guests for a second visit to Hood – a crowdsourced restaurant in Streatham that we really enjoyed the first time (see here). We were not disappointed – it was as friendly as the first time. We won’t spend time describing the décor as it hasn’t changed. But we were glad to see that even on a Wednesday night they were full, so definitely book ahead. Continue reading


address: 244 Brixton Road, SW9 6AH



This describes itself as a new concept in “the coming together of delicious Indian food and great craft beer”. It serves northern Indian food using a tandoor oven but then pairs them with different craft beers. This is quite an art, as most Indian food is spicy and would mask the overall flavour of the beer. They solve this by not making the Indian food that spicy – delicate would be the best way of describing it, so don’t go here to get a huge flavour boost. Continue reading

RESULT: Favourite Restaurant in Brixton 2016

It’s finally time to reveal the results!

After a few weeks of voting, narrowing down of the list, and the big push in the last week for our shortlist we can happily say that Nanban has been voted the favourite restaurant in Brixton 2016 by our readers.

Only opening last year, the Japanese Soul Food restaurant, is the first for Masterchef winner Tim Anderson. What we think makes it stand out from the rest is that it is like no other in Brixton. It doesn’t shy away from giving nods to the Carribean roots of its hometown (curried goat ramen) and makes the effort to involve the local community and market in its dishes.

Check out our review of the place here and congratulations!


Best restaurant in Brixton 2016 – Top 5 Shortlist


Britain’s Favourite Restaurant 2016 – Top 5 Shortlist

So after around a week and a half of voting we have our shortlist. Click on the below to see what we thought of them.

Again we will be giving around seven days for you to pick your next favourite before the big unveiling next Wednesday. Share and get voting!

Best Restaurant in Brixton 2016


It’s our sixth birthday! Here is to all your support, the many restaurants that have opened, and the sheer amount of tasty food and drink we have had the pleasure of having over the years.

To celebrate we welcome back our annual favourite restaurant in Brixton vote. We’ve included everywhere we have ever reviewed – aside from pop ups, market stalls and places we don’t paticular consider a restaurant. If your fave isn’t on there then apologies, maybe just go for your second favourite. Also we haven’t included any places that have only be open for the past few months, just didn’t seem fair!

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