Address: Pop Brixton 49 Brixton Station Road, SW8 8PQ


Phone: 07586746181

Described as a small Alpine bistro in a shipping container and it’s true. Perched above the entrance to Pop Brixton, this small restaurant (well it is a shipping container) has tables outside and inside. As it was a family meal for four of us, we decided on the inside, so we could converse about work, play and holidays. Bench seats and stools were pretty comfortable. Continue reading

El Rancho de Lalo


Address: 94-95 Brixton Village Market, SW9 8PS

Telephone: 020 7737 2648

Opening times:
Monday to Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


El Rancho de Lalo has been in Brixton Village for as long as we can remember and has just re-opened after a bit of a spring clean and paint. It was one of the first places we reviewed, favourably, back in 2012 and it still holding its own. Thankfully, the menu hasn’t changed much and it is sticking to filling (see photos below) simple Colombian food. We went around 12:30 pm on Friday lunchtime and had to wait, briefly, for a table. By the time we got our food there was a lengthy queue, both for sit down meals and takeaways.

The inside has not changed except there are fancy new extractors and three large colourful paintings that could have a Columbian origin. Thankfully, the seating is more comfortable as well.  Tables outside now have a heater and all seats (including those inside) have a blanket. There are only eight tables inside and we shared with a single woman who clearly knew the menu better than we did. The service was friendly, came with a smile. Most diners were South American and Spanish was the main language spoken on the tables near us. So the hipster community can regard this restaurant as authentic. Continue reading



Brixton Station Road


phone 079 4911 0691


Brixton Station road is slowly becoming another food court. There’s a stall or two most days but there’s the widest choice during the day on Fridays and Saturdays. You can never tell what will be there as they move around. So when we were out shopping and fancied something different we came upon this pitch towards the Brixton Road end with an Italian offering.

The website describes what is served as “Friulian Street Food” with the strapline is “For the love of polenta and frico”.  The chef is Italian from Friuli, which is in the north east where polenta is the staple. Italian food is usually heavy with cheese or with meat with lots of soft pasta or all on a pizza, so it is a revelation that you can have vegetarian,  vegan and gluten free – sometimes in the same dish. The polenta comes in slices which is then grilled with toppings of mushrooms and individual fried aubergines in a batter. Polenta can sometimes seem boring but this was soft and  moreish, even when heated up. We were offered some mint sauce and that did make it all the more interesting.

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A tale of two cheese sandwiches


I have my lunch in Brixton two or more times a week and have done for more than 20 years. So I welcome the increasing number of good places to eat. But this change is not universally popular and I was sorry to see, via Urban 75, that someone using the hashtag #BrixtonMum on Twitter, was attacking one of the most recent openings, Brindisa – see post #596 here, down towards the bottom of the page.

The complaint, essentially, is that £5 is too much to pay for cheese on toast and so Brindisa, as a hated symbol of gentrification, should go back to Soho. Someone else then tweeted to point out that you can get a cheese and pickle toastie for £1.50 at Papa’s Café. My view is that there’s probably room for both but, on behalf of our loyal followers, I felt duty bound to check them out.

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The Wine Parlour (with Chix and Buck)


1 & 3 Vining Street,  Brixton,  London, SW9 8QA

Tel: 0203 302 1617

Closed Monday and Tuesday

The Wine parlour is a new concept in Brixton… a bar with cheese and sausage …..well not quite so new; Champagne and Fromage opened a few months ago in Brixton Village. But the difference really is that this establishment does not sell the charcuterie, it sells the wine.

You will not miss this place as you head into Atlantic Road. It is the place on the corner with all its windows outlined with fairy lights. The small interior is laid out with tall metal stools up against wooden boards under the windows where you can balance plates and glasses. When we arrived at 6.30 it was empty but within 20 minutes it became crowded with no chairs to spare. This is a mixed crowd – not quite the same clientele as in Brixton Village and it is inside, so another bonus – it’s warm.

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Brixton Wholefoods

59 Atlantic Road, Brixton, SW9 8PU
020 7737 2210 (but surprisingly, no email address)
Mon 09.30-19.00
Tue, Wed, Thu 09.30-17.30
Fri 09.30-18.00
Sat 09.30-17.30


We all love Brixton Wholefoods. It’s a touchstone for long-term Brixtonites and, while we might not shop there all that often, we are glad it’s still there like a 1970’s time capsule. Which is a bit surprising as it didn’t open until 1982. It even stayed the same when moving across Atlantic Road from what was the site of the first David Greig’s grocery store and where the Lounge can now be found – hence the “Transatlantic” on the shop front.

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Champagne and Fromage

Address: 15 First Avenue, Brixton Village

CF01Yesterday your plucky researchers from EatinBrixton ran the gauntlet of the demonstration against Champagne and Fromage to be its very first customers. The demonstrators were asking for Yuppie’s to leave Brixton but we felt quite justified in moving on as we failed at the first letter – Y and we definitely think we are not now upwardly-mobile but stuck in a groove. The self-styled anarchist group were protesting about the opening as a “signifier” of the changes taking place in Brixton. But as long-term Brixton residents we can see that even without the new eating places, there are actually more shops open and thriving in Granville Arcade than in the not so distant past, when it was half-empty and moribund. Some of the shopkeepers are happy with the changes, including the guy who runs the Faiz foodstore. He told us that his trade was up, even though he gave up the two units opposite his main foodstore, where Champagne and Fromage has moved in.

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El Rancho de Lalo

Address: 94-95 Brixton Village Market, SW9 8PS



El Rancho de Lalo has been in Brixton Village for as long as we can remember and, despite the area’s recent renaissance in smart modern eateries, its simple approach to Colombian food still seems to be holding its own. Located on the Coldharbour Lane side of the Village, the restaurant’s exterior still manages to stand out with a tidy awning, dark wooden detail, and half a dozen tables outside. The interior is simply furnished with an open kitchen displaying hanging sausages and a couple of chefs hard at work. The service was friendly, came with a smile and, although not advertised on the menu, provided us with a couple of Corona beers served with lemon, and a surprisingly refreshing Kiwi juice.

The menu was short with similar looking dishes throughout. As with other South American Cuisines Colombian food is relatively simple mostly consisting of meat, rice, and beans. A couple of us ordered the Colombian National dish, the £10 Bandeja Paisa, which was more of a platter than a dish, consisting of a large Colombian Sausage, thinly cut steak, crispy pork belly, kidney beans in a dark sauce, a mound of rice topped with a fried egg, corn bread, avocado, salad and a slice of plantain. All in all it was pretty delicious. The sausage was beautifully spiced, the steak well cooked, the avocado perfectly ripe and the unlikely presence of an egg somehow seemed to work. The other member of our party went for the £10 pork that came with similar trimmings plus a potato and was, by all reports, pretty tasty. As is probably clear from the sheer quantity of components, the portions were huge, and could quite easily have been shared.

Dessert was super sweet figs, a semi solid serving of caramel and a white Colombian Cheese. The saltiness of the cheese worked well with the sweetness of the figs and the caramel bound the two together perfectly.

El Rancho de Lalo is a simple restaurant serving simple, well executed food. If you’re a big fan of meat, looking to fill yourself up, and not willing to spend more than a tenner when doing so, this is probably the place for you.

Opening Hours Mon – Wed: 09:00 – 19:00 Thurs: 09:00 – 22:00 Fri – Sat: 09:00 – 19:00