How it all began

Our family started eating out in Brixton more than ten years ago when the parents wanted to get the children’s full attention – they couldn’t leave the table until after we paid the bill. Being stuck in their seats meant we had a more extensive conversation than the cursory one just before Eastenders. We went out once a week with everyone having a choice with the proviso of “not the same restaurant twice in the same month”.

After the children left for university we decided to begin our next restaurant adventure: the food alphabet. This involved visiting a different restaurant every week, each week being a country beginning with that letter, for example A – Algeria, B- Belgium etc. Part of the adventure came from discovering the many hidden delights South London had to offer, as well as the struggle to find a restaurant which complied with our alphabet. Oman and Qatar proved a bit troublesome and it came down to a very helpful man at the Omani embassy who suggested that Yemen produced the same sort of food as both.  With regret we failed to write about our culinary escapades so have now decided to keep a blog as a reminder of where we have been, what we liked and didn’t and perhaps serve as a source of recommendation to others.

This year we are trying to eat in all of Brixton’s restaurants. To begin we made the very logical suggestion that our definition of a restaurant is somewhere you sit down and where your food does not arrive wrapped in cardboard, namely we weren’t going to visit McDonalds, KFC or Subway. There are so many restaurants now opening in Brixton so we have decided geography will not be a problem so if it’s in walking distance it can be included.

We have never written a blog before and have no idea if anyone apart from friends will ever read it but we would enjoy comments and suggestions for our next foray into the culinary delights of our neighbourhood.

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