The Provincial (formerly Tapas Pa’Ti)

Address: 21 Market Row, Brixton SW9

Another of the new restaurants popping up in Market Row is Tapas Pa’ti (translated to Tapas For You) a place advertised as serving home cooked Spanish tapas. With an open front and tables both inside and out, Spanish music playing in the background and the red brick décor and dark wood the place has a real feels of a traditional Spanish bar.

Before I begin on the food I must point out that the eatinbrixton gang are frequent visitors of Spain, meaning we are huge fans of tapas. One thing I love about tapas is the environment that you eat it in. With baking heat, Salsa music playing in the background, a leg of ham hanging from the bar and usually a couple of regulars who seem to always be hanging around, all create the mood of a Spanish bar. Luckily this place creates that for us (although don’t rely on the weather!).

We were advised by the lovely front of house lady that we should go for four tapas dishes for the two of us and then a torradas (toasted bread) with roasted peppers and aubergines to share. We chose chorizo cooked in wine, garlic prawns, patatas bravas, garlic chicken. Although we were slightly worried we over ordered, we managed to devour it all. Special mention must go to the patatas bravas which makes me want to return as soon as possible as well as the garlic prawns whose sauce is perfect mopped up with the complimentary bread. Currently there is a great deal going on in which if you get two tapas you get a glass of sangria all for £12. The Sangria is lovely, although perhaps the portions could be bigger as it is extremely easy to drink!

What I really enjoyed about our dinner is that this place isn’t faddy or trying to be anything else but a good quality, traditional tapas restaurant. Unfortunately on this Thursday evening the place was completely empty, which might have had something to do with the heat wave going on outside, or the fact that not many people know about this little gem, so I really advise you to spread the word about this place.

It came to £33 for two people; great value for money considering we had two drinks each and plenty of food for the both of us. Another trip is being planned soon – if only to try the delicious patatas bravas again!

6 thoughts on “The Provincial (formerly Tapas Pa’Ti)

  1. This place must have changed management with the name, and the food looks completely different. Frankly, I was appalled by the service we received there. We ordered 6 tapas to share between three people and after bringing out two (20 minutes later), they repeatedly came back to our table to ask us if we were waiting for anything else. Then, they’d bring another dish and ask us again if we were waiting for anything else. After another couple of dishes came, they told us they’d run out of empenadas, so we ordered some pork. Five minutes later, the waitress came out with a dish of fried arrapetas(?) that were not on the menu and said, ‘The chef doesn’t want you to wait long for the pork, so do you want these instead?’. We accepted because we didn’t want to wait any longer but felt they’d just palmed something else on us. All in all, some of the food was ok, but the garlic prawns were extremely spicy and the patatas bravas just had a yellow chilli relish squeezed on top with no mayo/aoli at all. It was really awful and not at all authentic! We were overcharged on our bill and there was no apology at all for the delays or mixups. We paid and I asked to speak to the manager, to give him feedback that we’d waited 1hr 45 mins for 6 tapas and he just nodded dismissively. There are so many lovely places to eat in Brixton – don’t bother with this one!!!!

  2. it’s now called the provincial. terrible place. worst service ever, food average/low and we felt sick after eating there.

  3. Brixton is full of nice and friendly restaurants and cafes, but this one is definitively not one of them. The service offered in this restaurant is probably the WORST I have ever come across with. We went for lunch today to The Provincial and we ordered our starters, mains and drinks. First of all, they brought the wrong drinks and we had to ask 3 times for one of the drinks. Then we had to wait at least 20 minutes before one of the starters arrived. We were not given even cutlery so I had to stand up myself and go and ask for it. when we had been there for 40 minutes the second starter had not arrived yet and we complained to the manager of the restaurant. Never in my life have I seen a worst customer service from the owner of a restaurant. When we complained about the service and how long we had been waiting for, he said he would happily cancel our ordered and that we were welcome to leave. I had never felt so unwelcome in a restaurant before, the service is just horrible and they treat their clients with no respect whatsoever.

  4. Absolutely shambolic service. They lost our order but despite us asking repeatedly didn’t admit this or take a new one. Took us an hour and a half to get some cold (ie uncooked) meatballs. The owner was so incredibly rude I can’t really believe he’s in the service industry. No offer of a free drink etc despite the 4 of us growing increasingly anxious that we were going to miss our concert – just more dishes that we hadn’t ordered plonked on our table with the explanation that ‘it’s busy’. Having decided that being abused and risking salmonella was not something we should have to pay for we were threatened that he would call the police. While we were there at least two other tables left without receiving their food.

  5. Almost tempted to try this place again on the basis of your review. We were lured in on opening night and were very disappointed. The service was very friendly, but a shambles (though we can forgive this as it was opening night). On top of all this though the food was poor – everything was served together on large plates and was as far as I could tell all tinned or pre-packaged. Also, the dishes weren’t very Spanish! (hummus?)

    Frankly, this sounds like a different place – though we definitely ate here! Perhaps that was why it was so quiet and they’ve now bucked their ideas up?

  6. Totally unaware as to what a sangria was i was hesitant to try, but low and behold when i tried now i am addicted to sangria.Very good addiction though i must say, try for yourself,tasting is beleiving.

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