Address: Unit 12, Market Row, Brixton Market SW9 8PR

0207 274 0939


Twitter: @wishbonebrixton

Wishbone’s reputation precedes it. With the hype surrounding its opening, there were mixed reviews. Time Out for instance loved it, but the feedback from Brixton Blog was slightly less favourable.  After attempting to grab a table during opening week, we finally made it back on a Wednesday before Christmas.

This place has no qualms about being trendy. First off the cocktail list is set out in stages, with their special homemade sours, along with any spirit of your choice, including port oddly enough, ice and then an egg… This part puzzled us slightly, what’s wrong with a margarita or a cosmopolitan? Maybe it’s just our taste as we stuck with a trusty beer called Hobo, which at four quid for a small can seemed a little pricey.


Now to the food; there‘s a variety of wings available. You can get Korean style, chicken shop etc. and then for the thighs, salt and pepper style and Thai flavoured. You can also pick from a ¼ chicken for around £5 and ½ chicken for £11, both of which come in chicken shop style. Sides include fries, coleslaw, black bean salad and deep fried mac n’ cheese. We went for a mixture of a ¼ chicken, salt and pepper thighs, Korean style wings, a chicken wrap and fries and the ominous sounding deep fried mac n’ cheese. The food arrived pretty quickly and was displayed in plastic baskets with plenty of paper to soak up the grease.


The food is good, there is no denying it! It’s hard not to compare it with the high street chain, which we will not name, and this is a million times better. The chicken is of great quality and the flavours on the meat are exceptional. Napkins are a necessity with the Korean wings and they provide plenty, along with baby wipes for those who are especially messy. The salt and pepper thighs could do with a little more meat as the price didn’t really match the quantity. The deep fried mac and cheese however was incredible. Macaroni cheese is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. The deep fried crust on the outside kept the cheesy gooey inside perfectly cooked. It’s not something I could eat every week, but maybe as a luxury  once every blue moon!


This food is an indulgence. Goodness knows what would happen if anyone with high blood pressure found this place. It is a treat-yourself–place, a slight novelty and won’t be turning into one of our trusted Brixton eatery staples such as Yum-D and Fujiyama.  I’d be more than happy to return, but perhaps in a few months when I’ve worked off the remainder of the meal.

Price came to about £15 each with a main, side and can of beer. One big plus is that they have a toilet! Something that not many places in the market can claim to have.

(Disclaimer: the pricing and names of things may be slightly off here as I forgot to take a picture of the menu, apologies!)

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