What’s your favourite place to Eat in Brixton?

Nearly two years ago to the day http://www.eatinbrixton.com was born. Two years later, 77 posts, over 45,000 views and 1,300 Twitter followers later we are happy (and a little bit proud) that this tiny little idea born from discussions around the dinner table has grown to be something much more than we ever expected…so thanks for that!

To celebrate we are compiling a list of our favourite places that we have reviewed over the last few years. As there are three people who write this blog, we’ve each chosen three places each with the 10th picked by the public. This is mainly out of our interest (who knows if this will even work!) as we know we aren’t the only ones with a great love for the brilliant variety of places to dine in this area. 

We would love for you to pick and then vote for what you think is the best place to eat in Brixton using the below poll. Apologies that the list is so long, we didn’t want to leave anyone out! Also just to note that this list only includes the places we have reviewed, so apologies if we missed any out. Do let us know of any missing and we will make sure to visit them in the future.

We hope you enjoy this little experiment, and again thanks for the support.

5 thoughts on “What’s your favourite place to Eat in Brixton?

    1. Oh no! So sorry we will make sure to do a special mention for them in the post that is going up tomorrow. Apologies again, thought we’d included everywhere we had reviewed.

  1. we often eat in SW9 as its only 5 walk from our house, the food’s good and we like the buzz pf the place. However our favourite so far is not even on your list! It was my birthday at the weekend so we went to Upstairs in Acre Lane and the food, service and ambience was amazing

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