Unit 16


address: Unit 16 Market Row Brixton

This is a small pop-up in Market Row just next to Salon. We have passed it several times and it has always been full or filling up but on this Friday night it was empty when we arrived and they were “just setting up”. This was a bit of a surprise as it was after 7.00pm and they were clearly missing the first wave of people eating before going off to the Ritzy. They also told us that they had no food except bar snacks – so we left to get something to line our stomachs. On our return through the market we popped in again. This time there were a few others – now about 8.00pm – we were still worried that this place would not survive.

The décor was benches, wooden tables and slightly rickety chairs (although that could be the floor).

They advertise craft beers and there was a good selection from Brixton Brewery, A Head in a Hat Brewery and The Kernel – ten in all with all their alcohol contents next to them (4.0 to 7.0). The cocktails are numbered (except the Bloody Mary) and have all the ingredients listed. Most of these are based on fruit juice that is freshly pressed (so they say). We chose an Electric IPA from the Brixton Brewery and a number 3 cocktail — apple, lime, cucumber, tequila and mint. Unit1601They had little in the way of food but they did offer toasties which were ham and cheese, ham and tomato or pulled pork. We chose the total carnivore version which definitely contained enough pork and was not too hot (or smoky) and it didn’t burn the roof of your mouth like ham and cheese often does. The manager came round to check we liked it as he had just changed supplier which made us feel like real reviewers.

The drinks menu was varied but if this place is going to survive they need to be open earlier. We will try it again but if they put a little more thought into the variety in their dishes we would return for a fast snack.

The bill came to something around £20.00 – we now can’t remember.

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