Favourite Restaurant in Brixton 2014

So we’ve hit three years of the blog and to celebrate we thought we would allow our readers again to choose their favourite place to eat in Brixton. We did the same thing last year to celebrate two years, check out the post here.

So, what’s happened in the past year? Well for the blog we’ve hit 97,000 views, 120 posts and accumulated a fair few Twitter followers. In terms of food in Brixton, places have changed hands and names, plenty of new faces have appeared in the market and the surrounding area. It seems there is no stopping the restaurant and foodie reputation that Brixton has accrued in the past few years.

Last year we all picked three places each, allowing another three to be picked by the public. This time the top 10 will be purely decided by vote, which opens today and closes next Friday. As there are so many restaurants now open in the area we have narrowed it down to 25 places that we feel add to the community, and are also of course some of our favourite places too. We have omitted some of the bars, that although cater for food, we feel aren’t classed as restaurants. Pretty sure we will do another vote soon on where is best to drink in Brixton (because who doesn’t like a cheeky tipple every now and again?)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Salon who have won our public vote!


7 thoughts on “Favourite Restaurant in Brixton 2014

  1. I see that Brixton Village Grill is in the ‘in memorium section’ We dined there last night 17/08/14 and it was very good

  2. So we have only one vote? had to pick The Lido Café although Fish Wigs and Tings is a very close second choice

    1. We hadn’t been recently but we were not that impressed but we know it is some people’s favourite. There are more than 50 restaurants that we have reviewed that still exist so I am afraid we reduced it to 25 only taking out pop-ups (e.g. at Conercopia), bars (as we are having another vote soon) and any that we didn’t feel the need to return to soon.

      best wishes


    1. We wouldn’t know which night to suggest as it is different chefs so we decided to remove it from the list. Tonight – Tuesday – was rissoles but tomorrow who knows.

      best wishes


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