Honest Burgers


Unit 12, Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR


+44 (0)20 7733 7963

Mon: 12.00–16.00

Tues to Sat: 12.00–22.30

Sun: 12.00–22.00

Amazingly its nigh on three years since we reviewed Honest Burgers. We are not great burger eaters but, for a variety of reasons, we paid a couple of visits recently, so it seemed an opportune time to produce another review. A big change is that there are now six branches across London, from Tooting to King’s Cross. So the question is, does this mean they have taken their eye off the ball or will they still offer our previous judgement “… the best burger I have had south of the river”.

Both visits were at lunchtime and there wasn’t any need to queue. But, as we’ve seen on our regular visits to the Village, this isn’t always the case. They do have an efficient queueing system, although perhaps our readers might comment if this isn’t the case.

The good news is we were not disappointed. They still focus on burgers of course, but this includes a chicken and vegetable fritter versions. We went for the beef versions which are now in five varieties from plain “beef”, costing £8 up to a “special” costing £11.50. On our visit the special included crispy lomo ham, GF romesco sauce, tetilla cheese and grilled peppers whereas the basic has red onion relish and lettuce. You are not always asked how the burger should be cooked but it comes medium rare unless you make another request when you order. As we said in our last review it was “melt in the mouth”. One crucial point in their favour is that the buns are good, not overly sweet and not too tough but they still hold their shape so you can eat it as a hamburger should be eaten – with your hands.


The price includes their “rosemary salted chips” which are justly famous. One change from three years ago is that the chips are much thinner than they were and on one visit the taste of rosemary was noticeably weak. They also pre-salt the chips and some may find this is a bit excessive. They also have some sides and on a previous visit we tried the coleslaw – cabbage, carrot and kohlrabi – which adds an extra crunch. But there is definitely enough on the plate and it isn’t really necessary.

HB04Another change is that they now have a licence and offer eight different types of beer and 5 types or wine, plus some gin cocktails. The drinkers chose the Redwell Pale Ale and the Kona Big Wave Golden Ale both of which got a seal of approval. I had work to do in the afternoon and was very happy with my Oxford Dry Darjeeling Iced Tea. On another visit we had homemade lemonade which like the tea comes in a jam jar.

The overall cost before leaving a tip was £14.25 a head compared to £8.50 three years ago. But this is mainly because one of us had the special and some drank the beer, which is a bit on the pricey side, with most bottles costing around £4.50. For a first class lunch, burger, fries and soft drink, the price would be £9.50 which, despites Honest Burgers’ evident popularity, still seems in line with the rest of the market.

One thought on “Honest Burgers

  1. I took a friend and I was so disappointed – the chips were salted to the point of being inedible; the burger, while delicious, was drowned in chutney so that you could barely taste it. And they didn’t offer knives and forks, so I had to eat the whole bun – normally I leave at least half the bun to make room for the chips – nor could I knock off 3/4 of the chutney. I certainly have had better burgers elsewhere, and won’t be going back.

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