Brixton Flavours Festival

So.Much.Food. From sushi and brownies to chicken and tortillas and crepes I have actually only recently regained my appetite after our gluttonous evening in preparation for the brand new festival Brixton Flavours. With the actual day not until Sunday 26th October we were invited to see what the whole thing was all about this week and also apparently to eat our whole body weight in food.


Brixton Flavours states that it is a festival to introduce people to the wide variety of cuisines and restaurants that our beloved hometown has to offer. It was clear from the way the organisers spoke that that they were committed to making sure that they didn’t just go to the well-known haunts in town, but to showcase all that Brixton has on offer. This is something that we at Eat in Brixton are always striving to achieve so it’s brilliant to see others with such passion as well. The day ticket holders are invited to sample secret dishes not usually available on the menu from over 22 restaurants around Brixton (full list of those participating can be found here). You will also be given 15 Brixton pounds to spend in any of the participating restaurants, so incorporating the idea of boosting the local economy.


In total we tasted and drank our way through 16 different venues. We began at Satay where were greeted with a selection of starters, then off to The Wine Parlour for a wine tasting session with the wonderful Chix. We then headed to Courtesan where they treated us to dim sum, sushi from Ichiban, cocktails from Kaff and brownies from the newly opened Parissi (to be reviewed soon of course).


Our next destination was Brindisa for my favourite ham in the whole world. What I love about Brindisa is all their detailed knowledge about the products they sell, plus the ham isn’t half bad.

In Brixton Village we were greeted with a platter of chicken and pork from Brixton Village Grill, tortillas from Jalisco, cakes from Sponge and Cream, the famous hot sauce from Fish Wings and Tings (discovered it goes amazingly with the chips from Brixton Village Grill) and crepes from Senzala. There was a real community atmosphere at this point with all the owners and chefs coming together to discuss the food (very passionately!) and were happy to talk about what they thought their establishment brought to Brixton.


To round off the evening we visited Market Row with cheese dough balls from Carioca and Mexican hot chocolate with chilli and rum from Casa Morita, and finally wine and hot dogs at the Ritzy. This may have been the point where I collapsed with happiness and a full stomach.

The evening did make me think that this festival would open people up to the idea of Brixton as a the food destination in London. Although Brixton’s restaurant boom has clearly been noted by the press and public I still think that this event is a great way for people to discover and appreciate how extensive the food choice is here. We’ve reviewed most of the places that we sampled on Wednesday so make sure to check out our reviews for more information.

Check out their website for more details and information on how to purchase tickets. I do suggest not eating breakfast and make sure to wear clothes with a little give to them!

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