Brixton’s Rock

Address: 118 Acre Lane, SW2 5RA IMG_3043

A decent fish and chip take away is something that has been lacking in Brixton for a while. Don’t’ want to mention Olly’s in Herne Hill (oops) but it’s been our favourite for years. Only problem is it’s a bit of a trek away if you fancy a fish supper on a whim. Introducing Brixton’s Rock. With a branch already in Brockley this one is situated half way up Acre Lane, opposite Lidl. So last Friday, with Nan and Grandad paying us a visit, we decided it was time for a family take away. To be honest there isn’t much point describing the inside. It’s like any other fish and chip shop, although much more welcoming and attractive than some of the other take away joints on Acre Lane. It’s very silver and shiny.


We went for Cod (x3), Scampi, Haddock and Plaice, with curry sauce, homemade tartar sauce and mushy peas. We were originally going to go for two large portions of chips for the six of us but we were advised that definitely wasn’t enough and we should go for three instead. They were wrong. We only managed to get through one and half boxes before giving up. So we’d advise portion control when it comes to the chips. There’s all the usuals on offer too, battered sausage and pies but also slightly fancier options such as calamari , grilled fish and halloumi salad.

All the fish was cooked to perfection. It’s actually some of the best take away scampi we’d ever had and the batter was light and crispy and the fish tasted fresh. The curry sauce and tartar sauce were also brilliant; just wish they’d give us a bit more of the tartar. Unfortunately the mushy peas were far too salty for our liking. The chips were also not cooked quite enough. We actually refried the one’s we didn’t quite manage to get through on the Saturday and they were much better. Chips shouldn’t be floury and potatoey but crisped to perfection. Aside from the peas and the gallons of chips this is definitely going to become a staple take away for us. My housemates actually picked up some last night and the chips were much better so it may have just been a dodgy batch. It came to about 8 quid each. They didn’t have a card machine on Friday but one is being delivered soon. They don’t serve alcohol but they had a cooler with soft drinks. They will also be serving gluten free options soon. Phew, made it without making any fish puns…but cod it, what’s the point!

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