Ichiban – A Revisit


Address: 58a Atlantic Rd, Brixton, London, SW9 8PY

Telephone: 020 7738 7006

Having visited Ichiban for over 10 years now it is still very clear why it is our favourite for sushi in Brixton. It has had a recent facelift in the kitchen, perhaps a sign of the involvement from the younger members of the family owners.

We visited on a Monday evening after sampling some of the wine from next door at Chix and Bux (which by the way are opening another outlet in Herne Hill later this year!). Monday in Brixton is always tricky and this is one of the few restaurants which is open, so it was a little busier than usual.

The menu has gradually expanded, to include a wider variety of sushi and hot dishes. My favourite prawn tempura sushi has now been added so I know where I will be going for my Deliveroo sushi on a Sunday night.

Kicking off the meal with the staple of edamame was clearly necessary as unfortunately the food took a significant time to arrive! However, it is worth the wait as we know that all the food is made to order as it should in a Japanese restaurant.


For mains we went for a platter of sushi – tempura maki (obvs), kappa maki (cucumber), California roll, spicy salmon maki, salmon California roll, oshinko maki (yellow pickle), ikura nigiri (salmon roe) – this was for three of us. We also had a Sukiyaki Don, stripped beef, shitake mushroom, tofu and vegetables cooked in a special sauce served on rice.

The sushi as always was fantastic with the rice at the perfect consistency and the fish fresh. One highlight was the avocado in the California rolls which was super creamy. This was all washed down with a couple of Ashahi’s and green tea.


We heard that sushi boy (the son of the owner) is currently in Japan for a few weeks mastering his sushi skills so expect big things from them on his return!

The one thing that has hardly ever changed since its time in Brixton is how cheap Ichiban is, with the meal coming to £56 for four people so around £14 each.

One thought on “Ichiban – A Revisit

  1. I totally agrre with you – Ichiban is the best sushi restaurant in Brixton. Me and my family are regular customers. I’ve never had a complaint about the quality of the food or the prices. For a fair amount of money you can eat quality and tasty sushi.

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