Address: 45 Tulse Hill, Brixton, London,  SW2 2TJ

Telephone: 020 8678 0697


So who knew that Vegan January was a thing. For those hoping to cleanse their system after a hearty meat eating festive season, a January of vegetarian food might be a good idea. But it seems rather unfair to dump vegan food on the unsuspecting, so we have gone out of our way to investigate potential restaurants. Vegbar serves only Vegan food, so the choice was easy. We reviewed this restaurant before so look for our positive review here. It is out of the way on the road to Tulse Hill but if you know where Brixton Social is ,then just keep on walking. The unprepossessing exterior is not at all inviting and the decor is also aiming for minimal going on Spartan. Gone are the small but inviting dashes of colour. Wrap up warm if you are going early as the temperature inside early in the evening is definitely cool even though we sat next to the radiator.

They offer vegan everything, including, we were assured,  the mayonnaise and the cheese. There are the usual starters, mains and desserts, although it is hard to distinguish which is large and which small. There are a number of wraps, tofu concoctions and soya patties. Our favourite from our last visit was jackfruit tacos and this time we were disappointed to discover that the jackfruit curry was off the list. So we ordered Nachos Grande, which was described as large blue tortilla chips, bean chilli, guacamole, tomato salsa and cheese. But what came was somewhat disappointing. It was a good size but with ordinary tortilla chips, just a scattering of beans, lots of chilli and salsa and not a lot of guacamole.vegbar02

The second order was more successful – a Tofish burger, which is battered patty of flaky tofu wrapped in nori (Japanese seaweed) with tartar sauce, gherkins, tomato salsa and lettuce. Served with fries, onion rings and mushy peas. We saw no sign of the onion rings but this dish was a success anyway. I am not generally a fan of tofu, but the addition of nori and the fab batter made all the difference. I didn’t regret my choice and the addition of the chips, lots of them, made it seem more self indulgent with a dipping  of tomato ketchup (pay extra for that!).vegbar03

We were full but on behalf of our readers, we explored one of the desserts that looked very worthy. It was the Raw Chia pudding made of Chia seeds with coconut milk, and on that Wednesday it had plum and honey as a topping. A reckless choice some might say and we will not be choosing it ever again, unless we want to spend a lot more time picking chia seeds out of our teeth. Worthy it may be but something that resembled a tasteless tapioca was not our cup of tea.


vegbar05We washed everything down with a cucumber and mint drink with a kick of cayenne pepper. That last part needs some emphasis as it is a kick at least for the first few gulps. They do serve alcohol.

The bill was £31.80 – with main courses being up to £11.00 each.




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