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Agile Rabbit – Brixton Village – SW9 8PR Link for our full review and details

Mamma Dough – 354 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8QH – Link for our full review and details

Made of Dough – Pop Brixton – SW9 8PQ  Link for our full review and details

Franco Manca – Market Row – SW9 8LD Link for our full review and details

Pizza Oregano – 15 Tulse Hill, SW2 2TH – Link to Pizza Oregano’s website

Domino’s – 114-116 Streatham Hill, SW2 4RS – Link to Domino’s website

Tesco – 13 Acre Lane, SW2 5RS – Link to Tesco’s pizzas

How do you feed 13 people you invite round on a Saturday evening without breaking a sweat. Simple – just order a takeaway. But what takeaway? Brixton is full of Deliveroo and Just Eat partner restaurants but we wanted to focus on pizza. Everyone likes it, except vegans, and we didn’t have one of those. But we also wanted an opportunity for a trial. So we chose six outlets that deliver in Brixton, ranging from local favourites, which we have previously reviewed, to a national chain. We also went to a supermarket, just for comparison.THE RULES

Each pair of guests ordered a pepperoni (or similar) and one other of their choice and we bought four, with a total of 14. That way we had a comparable one plus another that was a “special”. Each guest was able to sample every pizza and rated each one on a scale of 1 to 5, ranging from “no way” to “fantastic”, via “meh”, “OK but …” and “good”.


We could have reported on a number of things. But we have chosen speed, the best and the worst individual pizzas, the overall rating for each outlet and what they cost.

We ordered at roughly the same time (around 7:00 pm), so we probably monopolised local delivery bikes for a while. Most came quickly, within half an hour, but there was a large gap before the last. So if you are hungry go for Mamma Dough and Made in Dough, who were really swift. But if you order from Pizza Oregano, be prepared to wait, as they didn’t deliver until well after 8:00pm.

For quality, at the bottom end were both of the Tesco’s pizzas, from their ‘stone baked Italian kitchen’ range. But this was a little unfair, as we left them in the oven until they were definitely too crispy. The next was the Domino’s pepperoni, with comments that it too oily and tasted sweet. It was also rated by many as being too thick, as the general preference was for thinner bases. The other sample from Domino’s was dropped on the floor but we applied a 5 second rule and ate it anyway. The topping that divided the group the most was Made of Dough’s mushroom and truffle pizza. It got a top rating from one person but the lowest from another four. Truffle is clearly like marmite

Vying for first place were the chorizo pizza from Made of Dough, with one person describing it as “beautiful”, and the margherita pizza from Agile Rabbit, although opinions were a bit divided about the amount of cheese.

So, which was the overall winner? The favourites turned out to be Agile Rabbit and Mamma Dough, with Made of Dough not far behind. Our long-time favourite Franco Manca had a disappointing score,  tying with Pizza Oregano. From people’s comments it seems that Franco Manca’s offerings were a bit underdone. Domino’s was the least popular delivery option. Unsurprisingly and, possibly, a bit unfairly, Tesco came in last.


The cost depended a bit on what people ordered but, unsurprisingly, Tesco’s was the cheapest by far (£4.00). The three most expensive (£26.00 give or take a penny) were Mamma Dough, Made of Dough and Domino’s. Agile Rabbit, the other joint winner, was particularly good value (£19.00) while Franco Manca, not that far behind, was even better (£14.90). Pizza Oregano came towards the more expensive end (£23.90).


One thought on “Home Delivery Pizza

  1. Got to give a shout out to the new Pizza Brixton on Brixton Hill, don’t think they deliver (yet) but takeaway order was fulfilled in under five minutes. Really great pizza, appealed equally to the adults and my inexplicably Dominos loving kids

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