Morrocan Food


Brixton Station Road – near to Brixton Road

Opening hours – most days

The changes to the arches on Brixton Station Road has meant the loss of many of the cafes and shops – but not the Moroccan Cafe. We reviewed the Cafe back in 2014 – see here – but we a pleased to report that it lives on in the form of the catering truck section, with tables and chairs nearby. The vegetable stews and soups have gone but the grilled meat dishes live on with a short menu of sandwiches and plates with a choice of baguette or wrap for the sandwich.

I chose the beef kofta in baguette which comes with salad (no surprise) but then there is a sprinkling of chips on the top. A choice of chili sauce or no chili sauce so not really a choice at all – chili is essential.


It was HUGE. Even half was a bit of a challenge and the other half is still in my fridge until there is space in my stomach. Next time I will be brave enough to ask for even more chili sauce as it tends to sink into the bread but it was delicious, hit the spot and again, given that I was on my way back from the gym, put on the calories I had worked hard to burn off.

At only a fiver it was a bargain.

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