Louie Louie – a short bus ride away

address: 347 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2AL

Tel number: 020 7450 3223

Reservations: resdiary.com

Website: http://louielouie.london

This restaurant is easy to miss – I did – walking right past even though the restaurant is clear, it is hard to spot the name above the door. On a corner in the Walworth Road this is a small, well tiny really, restaurant with tables for two and four and not many of them. But it was ideal for a night of business and pleasure in a Dry January. It is a cafe with cakes and brunch during the day and a restaurant/bar in the evening with pop-up chefs . We hit it on Taco Tuesday – a Mexican pop-up for the next few weeks.The menu is short, appetisers, tacos, quesadillas, large plates, sides and dessert. We wanted to try as many things as possible. First we ordered chargrilled sweetcorn, (with chipotle, queso fresco, and lime) and found it hard to share so they took it away and divided it up. This was surprisingly good with a fresh taste and not too much cheese.

There was a deal on three tacos and a soft drink so we ordered all four on the menu (fish, chicken, pork and mushroom) and a Chickpea fritter, roasted sweet potato, jalapeño mojo, which was vegan with some refried beans as a side dish. This was enough between the two of us. We loved all the tacos and would definitely order all of them again. Our favourite was probably the mushroom.

The refried beans were the right colour and texture but could have done with a touch more seasoning (perhaps salt and pepper on the tables would allow us shrinking violets to add it without potentially alienating the chef). The large plate of Chickpea fritter was light and the sweet potato lovely, but there was a large portion and a little more sauce would have helped. This was the only dish we didn’t finish, but it was definitely a large plate, so beware of the eyes bigger than stomachs problem if you order from this range.

We were too full for desserts, which was a shame as they both sounded delicious. The flourless chocolate cake, PX jelly and white chocolate tequila sauce would have been my choice, even though it is dry January.

We also had two mocktails (one got knocked off the bill as we didn’t get an extra drink with the tacos. They were both refreshing (Hibiscus, black cardamon, lime, soda, sumac sugar rim and Black tea and mint vinegar sharbat, soda, fresh mint). The whole bill came to ..wait for it …drum roll .. £45.06 with service charge which was an absolute bargain. With the growing trend for pop-up chefs this is definitely a place to watch in 2018. We will definitely be going there again – number 45 bus from outside Morleys.

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