Best Restaurant in Brixton 2018

As we hit out 8th (yikes!) birthday we yet again come to our ‘Best Restaurant in Brixton’ vote. Past winners include Nanban, Mama Dough and Donostia Social Club (RIP). The list below is composed of everywhere we have reviewed so apologies if we haven’t mentioned every single place in Brixton.

From going through the places we have reviewed it’s clear that over the past year quite a few of our favourites have closed or flown the nest for bigger residence. Fujiyama, Bukowsi, Cabana, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and the previously mentioned Donostia Social Club have all now closed their doors in Brixton. What this means for the next flock of eateries in the area we will have to wait and see, but with the opening of giants such as Sports Direct on Pope’s Road and the redevelopment of the arches we may see fewer independent restaurant and more big buck shops in their places.

So for the next year let’s ensure we are celebrating all there is to eat and enjoy in Brixton!

Poll closes next Friday at midday, we will then announce the top five shortlist for a final vote.

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Best Restaurant in Brixton 2018

  1. Why isn’t Booma on Brixton Road on the list.
    Been there several times. Geat Food

      1. What a shame, been there a few times now. Great food, Very reasonably price and great staff. I usually vote but not this time as I would have voted for Booma

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