blank. brixton

144 Acre Lane Brixton SW25UT
Phone: 077 8860 2119
Open: 08:30 – 17:30

This a good local coffee shop with excellent light meals. Half way along Acre Lane, it’s a bit cramped but, so long as the weather permits, it spills out onto the pavement on the sunny side of the street. Obviously it serves coffee but there are sandwiches, closed and open, plus some brilliant cakes. It’s not part of a chain and is run by the owners, who are obviously enthusiasts and community minded.

We happened to be passing on a Saturday morning and decided to give it a go. Our Americano and Cappucino were fine, although we really don’t like the cups that are heavy and without a handle. We also got, with having to ask, a flask of water with a particularly pungent sprig of mint. Service was friendly and, while a bit slow at times, we weren’t particularly in a rush.

We were hungry enough for a late breakfast and one of us hit the jackpot with an especially fine example of mushrooms on toast. The mushrooms were flavourful and without that rubbery texture that comes from cooking them too long in advance.

Our other choice was smashed avocado on toast. This was fine, without reaching the heights of the mushrooms. Oddly, the chilli flakes seemed to be more for the purposes of decoration, as they didn’t really have much taste.blank02

We had also ordered a piece of orange cake to share. It was good but, in the event we were so full from the sandwiches, we took it home and had it later with cups of tea.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the bill, so can’t say exactly what we paid, but it was under £20. So not particularly cheap – but much in line with what similar places in Brixton now charge.

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