Address: Pop Brixton 49 Brixton Station Road, SW8 8PQ


Phone: 07586746181

Described as a small Alpine bistro in a shipping container and it’s true. Perched above the entrance to Pop Brixton, this small restaurant (well it is a shipping container) has tables outside and inside. As it was a family meal for four of us, we decided on the inside, so we could converse about work, play and holidays. Bench seats and stools were pretty comfortable.

Probably doesn’t need saying but do not go if you don’t like cheese. There are other options, however, with a variety of small plates, from vegetables (cauliflower fondant, squash and rosemary croquettes), meat (schnitzel and beef bourguignon) and chicken and black pudding terrine that definitely add some variety.

We started as we meant to go on with deep fried goat’s cheese stuffed olives. Hot and delicious.

Then we had the fondue – the special – which was a blend of Lincolnshire Poacher, Gruyere and Raclette with baguette and pickles. This was different to fondues I have eaten up mountains, as it was very floral. We ordered the size to share between three of us, but the fourth joined in and there was plenty for all given, as stated on the menu, the unlimited bread. It was served with some pickles, for when you really needed a break from the cheese.

We also ordered a lentil salad and a ratatouille. One of us rated the latter as the best part of the meal, but then he likes anything with aubergine.

The bill came to £107 for four people, but this also included a beer and bottle of wine. Even in the summer this was a nice break and although really winter fare, I did enjoy it. The boyfriend thought it was really just a cheese sandwich – Mmmmm!

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