Best Restaurant in Brixton 2019

With the possibility of a potential autumn election up in the air, how about we distract you with our own vote…hopefully it’s a lot less divisive.

We’ve been running the Best Restaurant in Brixton award since 2015, with past winners including Nanban, Donostia Social Club (RIP), Mama Dough and Agile Rabbit.

Again going through where we have reviewed since we began nine years ago it is clear that the restaurant scene in Brixton is rife with closures, changes and constant new openings. With the station arches still closed and big companies buying up prime property across the area it doesn’t look likely to slow down any time soon.

Below you will find a whole big long list of restaurants we have reviewed over the past nine years. This vote will be open until 20th September. We will then take the top five through to the next stage of the competition and find out who will be crowned Best Restaurant in Brixton 2019.

Please note we have only included those that we have reviewed, so sorry if we haven’t made it to your fave yet!

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