The Winner – Best Restaurant in Brixton 2019

Apologies to those of our readers who have been on tenterhooks waiting for the results of our annual poll. But finally, after a few weeks (maybe a month, but we went on holiday, so apologies), we can finally announce the winner of the coveted Best Restaurant in Brixton for 2019 goes to …

drumroll …

Naughty Piglets!This restaurant opened nearly five years ago on Brixton Water Lane and has had good reviews, not only this blog, see here, but from many other restaurant critics. They describe themselves as a charcoal grill restaurant, serving small creative plates with a focus on low intervention wines with an ever evolving menu that changes with the seasons.

It is only our fave ‘let’s be fancy’ places to go that we can recommend to anyone heading to that part of Brixton. The best advice we can give is to make sure to book, as it is super popular

Congratulations on winning!

One thought on “The Winner – Best Restaurant in Brixton 2019

  1. This is a Brixton scandal! Ok, NP is fine, but not as fine as say, Salon or the altogether excellent Maremma just two doors down the road. NP is expensive, more than a little pretentious and don’t get me started on that Orange Wine malarkey! In my view, Maremma woz robbed!!

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