ky01441 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LN

Website: https://www.mikosgyros.co.uk
Telephone: 020 8127 3880

Opening times:
11.00-23.00 Mon-Wed;
11.00-24.00 Thurs-Sat

There are two outlets in Brixton. This one and another at 128 Acre Lane that we reviewed back in 2017 – see here. It describes itself as a “farm to table” restaurant by making everything from scratch. It is unassuming, a not to be lingered in fast food Greek grill and this one is just round the corner from the Ritzy (which we are now allowed to visit because the union is no longer calling for a boycott). Decor is sparse with three very high tables and chair and an open kitchen. Take it all away or eat in and watch the customers pile in hungry and leaving with their brown bags.

The first thing you need to know is not to be greedy. The portions are enough for the hungriest, so don’t let your eyes get ahead of your stomach – as we did. The menu is easy to follow – choose a meal – wrapped in pitta or on a plate. Choose a filling – halloumi, vegan, pork or chicken and then choose a sauce – tzatziki, humus, vegan, or gyros. There are also sides – just don’t go there until you receive your order – we ordered loaded chips with tzatziki and feta. Everything comes with chips, which are highly salted and sprinkled with oregano so you don’t need anything else except a drink (Greek beer, Greek wine or soft drinks).

We ordered a plate of chicken with tzatziki and a pitta of pork with hummus. These are almost exactly the same but the plate comes with extra tomato and cucumber. The pitta is rolled around the pork, chips and hummus and you can just nibble at the edges, although we were provided with a knife and fork. The pitta was warm and not skinny like shop bought packets and was ample to surround the meat and veg. The chips came inside the wrap, but this still seems wrong and they were eaten seperately.


The chicken was …well chicken….highly seasoned and with all the different kinds of meat and a bit of skin. The chips were well cooked and the fresh veg was good to remove a bit of the saltiness. The tztaziki could have done with a bit more seasoning and a bit more mint or whatever green stuff you add to this sauce.


The loaded chips were a step too far, not because we thought they were horrible but because we were full. They are a meal in themselves, rather thsan a side plate and next time I will just order a plate of them.


ky05We washed it all down with a Greek lemonade and a bottle of Yellow Donkey Greek beer, which everyone should try.

The bill came to £25.80, with the pita wrap particularly good value at £5.80. It’s worth noting that they don’t take cash.

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