Fish, Wings n Tings

address: Brixton Village, 3 Granville Arcade, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR

Tel number: 020 7737 4888

Opening Times: 12pm-10pm Sun, Tue-Thurs; 12pm-11pm Friday-Sat


Restaurants are now beginning to open, so we decided to get out of our comfort zone and celebrate where there’s enough outside space for us to feel relatively safe. So Fish, Wings ‘n’ Tings was a great stop in the sunshine at the Coldharbour Lane end of Brixton Village. They don’t take reservations, so it is pot luck whether there will be space. On a warm Saturday and you are with a lot of people, then go very early. We caught a break as there were only two of us and we arrived just after 6.00 pm and got a table relatively quickly. The staff were helpful and squeezed up a small group to one end of the table, so we were socially distanced.The menu is from the Caribbean and, as the chef is Trinidadian, there are lots of Indian influences, like roti and curry spice. There are Small Tings, Big Tings and Wet Tings, plus Sauces. So we headed off into all three – starting with cod fritters (The codfish fritters is so nice, it’s like a “high five from Jesus Christ”! says the menu) and they were fantastic – not too dense with some shallots running through. They are not spicy but the ginger and lime aoli is definitely a surprise. Tastes sweet, then gingery, then spicy then hot, hot, hot.

Then we ordered two Big Tings. First a chicken curry with chickpeas & potatoes, pumpkin and a roti, spiced up with kuchela (a pickle made from unripe mango with a massala mix and some scotch bonnet). All again really good – the chicken wasn’t over-cooked as often it is, the pumpkin could have had more salt and pepper but it was a good foil for the spice and the chckpeas … just tasty. I couldn’t finish it all but would definitely order it again.

The other Big Ting was a prawn roti, which comes with the same sides. The prawns were well cooked, being sweet and juicy, rather than rubbery. My companion, who prefers things to be spicier, added some of the house tamarind sauce.

img_3466-1We washed it down with a Wet ting – beers from the Caribbean and Brixton. The bill, including a tip, came to £46.50, but we were stuffed and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Village.

Let’s hope the weather holds.

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