Olley’s Fish and Chips – Lockdown 3.0

Address: 65 – 69 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, SE24 9AA

Tel: 0208 671 8259, 0208 671 5665



Casting around for a new theme for the week we decided on British and as we had already had some haggis, we made a beeline for fish and chips. We reviewed Olley’s Fish and Chips in one of our takeaway competitions – see here and here. We have always given it a high rating (if we ever did ratings) despite the fact that it is expensive. They have with several delivery options – last time we went with Uber Eats, but this time chose Deliveroo.

There is a longish menu including starters, fish (Cod, Haddock, Sea Trout, Hake, Scampi etc) side orders, pies. drinks etc and a whole gluten free section. Even after choosing the fish you need to select the cooking option – I like variety but be prepared as it is like ordering coffee – different sizes and cooking options – fried, grilled or steamed. We went traditional and ordered fried plaice and chips and fried haddock and chips, with mushy peas. We failed to take into account our appetites and ordered the regular size.

The fish was crispy on the outside and not too steamed on the inside – amazing given the travelling time. The chips were like the usual chip shop chips – or maybe a bit better – but we like them crispy so gave them an extra fry. We had chips left over. Mushy peas are like marmite but we love them despite the rather greyish colour.

A Saturday night treat, order fish and chips from Olleys. Our bill came to over £44.00 including service charge, delivery and a tip. Compared to the collection cost this is at least £10 more, so if it is nearby we suggest a walk to pick it up. We drank a tiny bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from M&S and water – one of us is doing a lengthy dry January+.

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