address: 36 Brixton Water Lane, London SW2 1PE

We visited Maremma in a brief flurry of going out to dinner earlier this year. We have reviewed it before (see here and here) but just as a reminder, it is all about Tuscan food. They have a short very Italian menu with antipasti, primi, secondi and contourni (vegetables) and then cheese and desserts. We found these photographs on a phone we hardly use, and are stretching our memory to work out what each of them was. The menu changes regularly, so it wouldn’t be that much help, so we are just providing you with some notes. We do remember that it was all good.

As you can see we ordered pasta with seafood, pasta with a ragout and tortellini – all scrumptious. Note that we dived into some of the dishes before remembering our duty to our readers to take photographs. The first photograph after the pasta is a bit baffling – possibly an Italian gaspacho, but I know we ate it all! We did also try for some beef and vegetables, followed by desserts.

We all had a good time, but now have lost the bill. Our advice is to try this place as a treat, as it is expensive especially with cocktails, but the food has never disappointed us.

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