The Great Indian Kitchen

Address: 21 Tulse Hill, London SW2 2TH

Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 noon to 11:30 pm

Phone: 020 8671 9343

Just in case you are thinking about an Indian takeaway – then consider this one

If you look for this restaurant on food delivery sites (Just-Eat) it will be the one called The Brixton Cafe. They serve a long list of tasty treats and if you are hungry you will definitely over-order – but then reheated the following day is good too.

We ordered via Just-Eat but you can order and pick it up. The menu we chose follows but there is enough to choose from without being overwhelming: Punjabi samosa chaat (crushed samosa on a bed of chickpeas), tandoori broccoli (see later), Alleppey vegetable curry (with raw mango and coconut), bombay aloo (with cumin), lamb hyderabadi dum biryani (speaks for itself), bread – lacha paratha – and a dessert – watalappam

This is a short description because it was all delicious. We have ordered again, but this time left out the tandoori broccoli – it was a bit hard and not enough of the tandoor spices stuck to this vegetable. Pomegranate seeds gave a sweet burst to some very hot dishes. They do not hold back on the spicing – even when a dish is described as moderately hot so have a tissue or three handy.

The watapallam is a steamed egg custard with jaggery (cane sugar), coconut milk and cardamom – a sweet treat which was very welcome.

The bill came to £52.38 but gave us three separate meals. We have already returned and it remains on our list for the future – well done for introducing another good Indian to Brixton.

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