65 Brixton Village, SW9 8PS


Whipped is a new addition to Brixton Village. It is on a corner opposite Le Brixton Deli on the way to Lost in Brixton. There is another shop in Covent Garden. They focus on four things – baked cheesecake, cookie dough (never understood this), blondies, and brownies. The choice is tough, even though we decided to only look at the cheesecake, but there is a really helpful person who can help you meander to a choice.

The decision is fruit or not (blueberry, apple crumble etc) or nuts (peanut butter) or caramel (on most of them but there is Dulce de Leche as well) or chocolate (comes in most of them but there is red velvet, cookies and cream with white chocolate)……. and these are the ones I can remember. Lots of choice, so an excuse to go back for more.

We chose apple crumble and peanut butter. The slices are as American as the choice – very large. We got them to takeaway and we advise on more sustainable packaging especially as it was really hard to open the plastic containers without getting your hands all creamy.

The apple crumble had a good dose of apple and was delicious.

The peanut butter was a tower of delicious flavours – crunchy bottom, a dark chocolate brownie then baked cheesecake and topped with a fluffy cream with peanut butter oozing – a very good idea as peanut butter can be very cloying. It was topped with colourful mini Reece’s pieces for crunch and an extra burst of peanut butter.

We have commented on the size – we ate them for a delicious, but totally unhealthy dinner. We advise that you buy two and share over two dinners if only to save on the waistline and avoid leaving any on the plate. They cost £10.00 for two.

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