Sorry, No Vacancies – Pop Up

378 Brixton Road, SW9 7AW

sorry no main

Set up amongst a stretch of road in central Brixton that mainly consist of questionable money lending shops and fried chicken take-aways, this is a surprisingly impressive pop-up cocktail bar. With a very uninviting front, the only thing that gives away its existence is the bouncers outside and a tiny luminescent sign welcoming you to “Sorry, No Vacancies”. Not gonna lie, I hate the name, but I think I can forgive them for that.

Minding the step as you walk in, you are greeted by a dark but spacious area, with booths on the left hand side and bar to the right. To the back of the place there is some standing area, a dance floor, as well as seating in the back. Upstairs there is a couple of sofas and added vintage furniture for effect. It was actually nice to see a bar with plenty of space to stand or sit, meaning you aren’t constantly having to move around to accommodate your fellow drinkers.

sorry no 2

Cocktails are reasonably priced, with classics like a martini or margaritas on offer at £6-7. They also had a list of drinks for the more adventurous, with the likes of Lucy in the Sky and even one which came with HP sauce and a cocktail sausage (very intrigued to still try this one!). We went for two martini’s, a whisky sour and a Purple Heart. Impressively they were happy to change up my martini to my liking, having it dirty really that is the only way they should be made. The whisky sour went down a treat and the Purple Heart was great too, although will only be enjoyed by those with a very sweet tooth. As it was late on a Saturday evening we went for cocktails only. Hot dogs are available, which I do really want to try, so it’s just an excuse to head back there. Beers were quite pricey, at around £.3.50 or so for a tiny can, so I would recommend spending a night here enjoying the cocktails and leave the beer for the pub.

Sorry, No Vacancies has a different DJ/band on each night so make sure to check out their website for any updates. The music was actually a great addition to the bar, but you might have to down a few Purple Hearts before you find your dancing shoes.

Main drawback on the place is that as it’s only a pop up, the lavatory situation is all good for the ladies but the gents will have to head to the smoking area and make do with a portaloo.

It’s a shame this place won’t be hanging around permanently!

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