Coffee Tour of Brixton


With a week off work, a love of coffee and the need to just get out of the house I embarked on a coffee tour of Brixton at the beginning of December. I was to visit four different coffee shops over four days, reviewing the places on the quality of the coffee, the atmosphere, price and service. I chose Rosie’s, Federation (obvs), Kaff and Lounge. The reason for choosing these places is down to just wanting somewhere that I could settle down, read my book and drink my coffee in peace. Before we begin I like my coffee strong and black with no sugar please.


Unfortunately, and mainly down to my own laziness on the Monday I headed down to Rosie’s, about an hour before closing to find that they had run out of coffee. It was actually Rosie herself that greeted me, offering up a cup of tea instead, which although not really the point of me going there, was still much appreciated. Late on a Monday this place was basically dead, meaning that I could curl up in the corner and stay undisturbed whilst I sipped my tea (a very good one at that!). Main recommendation for this place is to get there early to grab the coffee. I’ve also been informed that this is the first time they have run out of coffee in 10 years, so I’ll be paying them a visit again soon and updating this review.


Tuesday before venturing into town I stopped off at Federation coffee in Brixton Village. Championed as one of the best coffees in Brixton, I must agree that their Americano is smooth, but strong with a slight bitter aftertaste. With some coffee shops I find that they tend to burn the coffee beans meaning the bitterness of the coffee is overpowering. However Federation balance the flavours perfectly between strong, smooth and bitter. As one of the most popular, and talked about places in Brixton, it was quite busy, meaning it was difficult to concentrate on my book without a bit of people watching. This definitely more of a place to meet friends rather than by go to by yourself. They also have a takeaway place at the end of Brighton Terrace, perfect for those festive hangover mornings when you are heading to work.

Units 77-78, Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8PS

Coffee £2.20


On Thursday after a lady of leisure lunch in town I headed to Lounge on Atlantic Road for a quick coffee to warm up and escape the rain. Probably more of a bar than a coffee shop, there wasn’t anything particularly exciting about this coffee, mainly as it just felt like a standard black coffee with more of a burnt taste than I really like. However the service was friendly and décor was the most Christmassy that I’d seen.

Coffee – £.2.20

Friday was the last day on the coffee tour. Kaff has always been a popular haunt for a night out, however it is actually a surprisingly comfortable and cosy play to spend an afternoon. With sofa’s that swallow you whole, a decent cup of joe and big windows where you can watch Brixton life pass you by. This was also the cheapest cup of coffee. Although it may not have been up to standard of Federation in terms of the quality it wasn’t too bitter or burnt and had that brilliant strong and aromatic flavour to it which I’m sure all coffee drinkers love.

Coffee – £1.80

In the end I would probably head back to Federation for the quality of coffee and Kaff for somewhere to escape the buzzy atmosphere of Brixton.

If there are any more hidden delights in Brixton in which you can enjoy a brilliant cup of coffee do let us know.

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