address: Brixton Station Road (a bit moveable but usually towards Brixton High Street)

telephone: 07889864375


Bokit’la serves French Caribbean street food from Guadeloupe. They are not a restaurant but serve food from the market on Friday lunchtime (and other venues on Thursday and Saturday). You can sit usually as there are several covered areas in the street (needed in recent rainy periods).

What is a Bokit? It is a small round flat bread filled with of meat, fish or vegetables and the offer in Brixton was chicken, salt-fish and aubergine. All are topped with creole sauce, tomato, lettuce plus avocado but you can choose to have more (or less). You are also asked about the heat of the sauce – three levels but these are all relative.

After choosing your options your Bokit is wrapped in foil – vital – and you are given paper napkins – also essential. Roll back the foil but do not remove as the creole sauce makes everything soggy and it will certainly run down your arm. We have now tried all three kinds and they are all as tasty as each other. This is not fancy food but certainly hits the spot. We also have had the extra avocado but you don’t really need it unless you are very hungry and we found it difficult to finish any one. They will just about last as a takeaway as long as they are not travelling too far but the sauce really means you should eat it asap.

We now can’t remember the price but it is around £5.00 and depends on the size you want. Even the small ones are difficult to finish. The experience of Bokit’la is really enhanced by the guys serving on the stall who explain and chat while everything is being prepared. They are very engaging and ask for feedback and we would definitely suggest trying one (or all).



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