Bad Boys Bakery

Bad Boys’ Bakery is a social enterprise based inside HM Prison Brixton. Their website gives the full history. It was set up by Gordon Ramsay in 2012 to train bakers on the inside so they might find work on their release from prison. Every Saturday since February they have been selling their wares in Brixton. They didn’t have a full setoff things when we arrived at 2.30pm because they sell out fast. But if you get there early enough you will see cakes and pastries such as Lemon Treacle Slice, Lemon Treacle Tart, Chocolate Pecan Nut Brownie, Marbled Chocolate Chip Brownie, Caramel Pecan Pie, Carrot Cake Loaf, Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake, Lemon Drizzle Loaf and Banana Bread. Our favourite is the Lemon Treacle Tart as the acidity of the lemon makes the breadcrumbs and syrup less cloying. One goes a long way at 510 calories but delicious all the way through. They also produce bread with seeds or without, white, wholemeal and the usual sourdough. If you want to know all the ingredients then look up their website and you will see the .

Their cakes are not cheap but they are well worth it – £7.50 for a cake loaf but there are loads of slices in it. There is also the warm glow from contributing to a worthwhile outfit – although that may be the golden syrup.

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