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11 Beehive Place, Brixton, London SW9 7QR

Telephone: 02072062376


Sandwiched in the road next to Brixton Rec and directly behind the pub that no one should ever go in unless it’s an emergency is The Beehive. This is a pop-up that claims to be the best in locally sourced British food. With the food changing weekly, it’s a five course tasting menu from the team behind the roaming restaurant Chateau Marmont and chef Sam Hodges.

The Beehive lies behind a yellow door on Beehive Place. The seating area is in an old hay loft (or as claimed on the menu. a rum factory). There are around 6-7 tables of varied sizes, a bar and seating for those only wanting a drink. We were a team of two so shared our table with three other couples. To be honest this wasn’t much a problem unless you want a more intimate evening. One piece of advice – don’t be late! All the food is served at the same time so get there at 7.30 so you don’t miss out. Dietary requirements should also be told to them in advance.


We started off with the gin based cocktail, Brixton Beehive Club, while we waited for everyone to arrive and settle down. A night at Beehive Place is not a quick pit stop, it’s a whole evening affair so if you’re impatient then it ain’t for you.

I won’t go into the food too much as the menu changes weekly but we had wild garlic soup, seabass, lamb (with foraged dandelion!), duck and a chocolate pot to finish. Each course was cooked to perfection, portion control was spot on and it felt new and interesting. Big shout out to the duck which was our favourite and the garlic soup for not leaving our breath too pungent. With each course the waiters gave a detailed description of the source of each of the main ingredients. So we now know that Gipsy Hill ale was used to cure the sea bass. Apologies for the picture …managed to get through half of it before I remembered to take a snap!


As well as the cocktail, we emptied a bottle of white wine (cheapest was £21) and a couple of extra glasses about half an hour before the dessert.

My only criticism is that it could have been anywhere in London, nothing about it felt particularly like Brixton. It should be saved for special occasions. It isn’t cheap and the meal is a bit of a marathon (it took three hours!). Plus you have to book so far in advance it is more an event rather than a fast food Friday.


Tickets are £36 each without alcohol . Not certain how much longer it is around at its Brixton location but if there is a birthday or anniversary coming up make sure to book soon before they buzz off!

Final tip: wear a jacket if you have to go to the loo, it’s bloody freezing!

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  1. Prompted by your email I’ve just booked a table for Friday for my husband’s birthday

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