Easter in Brixton – 2015

Easter is upon us again and as has become tradition, well since last year anyway, here are our tips on how to make the most of it in Brixton.

Thursday night is always about pub time. So make sure to head to one of our favourites, The Effra Hall Tavern for some jerk chicken and Red Stripes to ease you into the long weekend. Or, if you fancy something a bit special, then how about Shrub and Shutter or Unit 16 for some cocktails. Just make sure you line your stomach by hitting up Refill or Agile Rabbit, it is only the beginning of the weekend after all!

To nurse those hangovers on the Friday we’d suggest Senzala, whose chorizo and jalapenos galettes will sort you right out. Or if the weather holds out get take away Fish and Chips from our favourite, Olley’s on the Herne Hill side of Brockwell Park. Drinks in the evening should be at The Trinity Arms, where my housemates and I will undoubtedly be found with a few medium house whites and some of their Young’s special brew.

On Saturday Station Road market will be full to the brim with cakes and antiques so an amble down there is a must. Nothing says Saturday night like a curry so give yourself a rest and head to Khan’s on Brixton Water Lane. Perhaps even treat yourself to a cheeky nightcap at Effra Social.

Check out our blog on Butcher’s for your perfect Sunday Roast. And get your veg from some of the many shops on Electric Avenue.

By Easter Monday everyone is usually beat so put your feet up, stick on Netflix (I plan to finally finish House of Cards!) and have a cup of tea.

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