Carioca – for breakfast


address: 25-27 Market Row, Brixton

Tel: 020 7095 0953

This is becoming a regular thing – out for breakfast or early lunch and we have noticed many people not just wanting toast and coffee but needing something more substantial. So wandering into the Market is not recommended. If you definitely want to eat soon and there are more than two of you, bCarioca02ook in advance (or as we did on the walk down to Brixton.).

Carioca is a Brazilian restaurant and we have previously reviewed it here. You can still order your traditional British but explore a little and have the corn muffin or the carnival breakfast with spicy pineapple, plantain and fried bell peppers as a feast for the eyes. We still haven’t tried all the options and next time when I am not watching the waistline or my 5 a day, I’ll definitely have the “Favela Da Rossa” with ripe plantain sandwiched with mozzarella, then dipped in batter and fried. If that wasn’t enough you also get fresh tomato, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. So vegetarian and meat eaters can blow-out here.

This was a social occasion and of the seven of us – three of us had full or mini British and the other four had Eggs Prima Donna (with portobello mushroom and bacon) and Carioca (the one with the maize muffin and chorizo). Drinks included large pots of tea, some excellent ‘pick you up in the morning’ virgin Marys, and black coffee.


Can we recommend – definitely. There is not much you can say about breakfast unless something goes wrong and none of it did. There was no slow service, food and drink arrived in reasonable succession and all plates were clean by the end of the meal. The bill was £58.00, although we didn’t get charged for the coffee as one was spilt all over one guest’s trousers.



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