Brixton Station Road


phone 079 4911 0691


Brixton Station road is slowly becoming another food court. There’s a stall or two most days but there’s the widest choice during the day on Fridays and Saturdays. You can never tell what will be there as they move around. So when we were out shopping and fancied something different we came upon this pitch towards the Brixton Road end with an Italian offering.

The website describes what is served as “Friulian Street Food” with the strapline is “For the love of polenta and frico”.  The chef is Italian from Friuli, which is in the north east where polenta is the staple. Italian food is usually heavy with cheese or with meat with lots of soft pasta or all on a pizza, so it is a revelation that you can have vegetarian,  vegan and gluten free – sometimes in the same dish. The polenta comes in slices which is then grilled with toppings of mushrooms and individual fried aubergines in a batter. Polenta can sometimes seem boring but this was soft and  moreish, even when heated up. We were offered some mint sauce and that did make it all the more interesting.


But the best find was  a dish called frico (from Fruili). Polenta we know about but frico is new to us. It is made from potatoes, hard cheese and mozzarella and is served on top of polenta. This one was softer than most and consisted not of pieces of potato but mashed potato with relatively mozzarella added to hold it together. This is a real peasant dish and was often made to use up the ends of the cheese. It was served with a bean salad and was really delicious and surprisingly filling.


You don’t need to eat on the run as there are chairs down the street you can colonise. We would certainly graze down this street again and hope to try some of the other offerings from Northern Italy. we didn’t have a drink but a glass of red wine would have been a good accompaniment or one of the smoothies offered on a nearby stall.

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