Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen – Supper Club

Unit S36, Pop Brixton

49 Brixton Station Road


We were invited a few weeks ago to try the supper club of one of our favourite spots in Pop Brixton, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. Going back to her roots with this new venture, Zoe started out as a supper club before she opened up in Brixton a year and half ago, and we’ve always loved going here (the fried chicken is the best!) so jumped at the chance.

Zoe’s place is tiny, so this was a very intimate supper club (they advise to not bring any bulky bags or coats) with only eight of us. Zoe herself was there to greet us and introduce us to each dish, explaining its roots and how she has devised these dishes from traditional Ghanian food, but with her own stamp.  She is charming and makes you feel welcome and very much part of an experience, not just dinner. This is also a sharing menu so make sure to bring a mate.

Cocktails were first – a hibiscus infused drink with ginger, lemon and most importantly, gin! It packed a punch and woke up our taste buds. We were served four courses in total, and I’m not exaggerating when we say it is a lot of food. Highly recommend not eating lunch beforehand.


First up, a Nkarra, a light chicken soup with fufu (pounded plantain). This may now be my new cold banishing treat. The hot pepper soup is accompanied by beautifully cooked chicken which falls off the bone, and the fufu is an added comforter.

Next up was the Ghana dahl with banky crisps and Kelewele (fried plaintain with spices). My guest had never been a fan of either dahl or plaintain before but this turned out to be a game changer. The dahl was perfect, scooped up with the banky crisps and the crispy plaintain is something I definitely want to try to make at home.


By this point we were pretty much full, but that didn’t stop us continuing on to the next course. I must also point out that during the course of the evening beer and wine was provided so we were kept well-watered.

The final main was a whole baked Tilapia, with Kenkey and Kpakpo Shito. Tilapia is pretty bony so be warned! The kenkey, a sourdough dumpling, isn’t something I think I would try again, very stodgy after all the food which preceded it. In the end we weren’t able to finish this off so took it home for the next day.

However we definitely were able to finish the dessert, which I am still dreaming about today. Banofee Pie is one of my all-time favourites, and this one, made with a chin chin (a popular snack in West Africa) this had the perfect balance of spices, cream and banoffee mixture. I want one now just thinking about it.

This supper club is an experience, one that is perfect in the cold winter nights, with the venue snug and the food warming. We tried things we’d never heard of before (fufu, tilapia, kenkey etc.) which is always a plus. Also a shout out to the staff who were helpful and had the biggest smiles.

You can find out about Zoe’s future supper clubs here – https://grubclub.com/zoes-ghana-kitchen




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