A short bus ride away – Trinity Restaurant

address: 4 The Polygon Clapham, London SW4 0JG

telephone: 020 7622 1199


I booked this restaurant for a Sunday evening as a treat with my daughter. I hadn’t realised it had one Michelin star and so definitely up-market for the area. But we didn’t feel under dressed, which may be a plus or a negative. I like to go to posh restaurants in posh clothes, as there is not much opportunity for dressing up these days, but most other diners here were in relaxed garb like they did this every day. Upstairs it is more casual dining but it is closed on Sunday, so we ate downstairs with its cool walls and big windows.  It doesn’t feel overlooked though as it is tucked away in the back of the Polygon near Clapham Common. The bucket seats are comfy and unlike many other restaurants, it is possible to have a quiet conversation.We had a couple of amuse bouche and as we were peckish we headed into them with gusto, so lack any photographic evidence. One was a lovely cheese puff and the other some sort of seaweed cracker. They set us up for great expectations. We chose one starter (Ravioli of Scallop and Langoustine with Langoustine Soup). It wasn’t at all what I was expecting but I would return just to have this again. A frothy cream was the soup with a deep seafood flavour and what was more of dim sum than ravioli but no less delicious. trinity_clapham02

The main courses were Cornish Brill cooked on the bone with Creamed Ratte Potatoes, Seaweed Butter and Sea Vegetables; and Bresse Duck Breast, Yakatori, Pickled Plums, Plum Wine. We decided to give you what was written on the menu as each dish was so much more. So first for the fish which was cooked brilliantly and the salty vegetables were beautifully crisp. The ratte potatoes were a bit of a let down. Although very creamy and nutty they were on the stodgy side as if they had been blended rather than whipped. The duck looked a little alone on the plate compared to the splendid fish but was no less delicious.

trinity_clapham05 trinity_clapham06

Dessert for one was a plate of cheese which comes with crackers, membrillo, grapes (which we were not keen on) and pickle and for myself it was a pot of really fragrant mint tea.


We washed this down with one glass for the designated driver of an interesting Australian Fiano which was medium dry but fruity and just as the waiter described and two glasses of Negroamaro to remind us of the holiday in Puglia. Staff are really helpful and they provide a card at the end to write down what you would like to change and what you would return for. Our reviews are always anonymous so we will now leave it a little while so they cannot guess who we are – even though given a celebration we would definitely choose this restaurant again.

The whole bill came to £137.25 (wine included at £27.00). They do a good looking Xmas lunch for £55.00 and given the usual London prices we think this was really good value.


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