Parco Caffe, Vauxhall Park


Vauxhall Park, Fentiman Road,  London, SW8

Another weekend, another walk and yet another award winning park from Lambeth – with tennis courts, basketball court, model village, lavender garden, one o’clock club – and an Italian cafe that is open 7 days a week to six o’clock, except when the Park closes earlier in winter.We went to the cafe a few weeks back during a cold spell, hence the choice of food (see below). Inside it’s like a relatively cosy canteen but it will doubtless come more into it’s  own during the current “warmer” weather as there’s plenty of outside space as well. It offers both breakfast (Full English etc.) and lunch (Italian, ranging from spaghetti Bolognese to chicken Milanese, plus salads), as well as a standard range of sandwiches or baguettes.

It all looked good but after our walk we wanted warming up, so went for minestrone soup and, even though it was the afternoon, porridge.



The soup was first rate, freshly made with plenty of flavour, although the accompanying bread roll was uninteresting. The porridge was suitably warming too with no lumps and a pleasing texture (although I usually like it with a bit more bite).

Can’t remember what we drank or exactly what it cost but the whole bill, including drinks, came to less than £10.00. This is a place to go when you really can’t decide what you fancy as it offers plenty to choose from including (although not sampled) Italian biscuits and cakes.


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