Milkwood – A Bus Ride/Stroll Away

214-216 Railton Rd, Herne Hill, London SE24 0JT


With a much quieter pace of life than central Brixton, Herne Hill is slowly becoming a new hangout for us – whether it’s the pubs (Prince Regent, The Florence, The Half Moon), coffee hangouts (The Parlour), or even the farmers market on a Sunday. So be warned that you may be seeing more Herne Hill spots pop up on the blog.


This is a brunch review so will be short and snappy. It was last Sunday, with the weather being in between glorious sunshine and torrential downpours so we took shelter in Milkwood, after a quick stroll around Brockwell Park. Originally going for ‘just a coffee’ we ended up with the full brunch works (with booooze!).

We had a very cute dog with us, so could only sit right at the front of the restaurant and only just managed to grab a table, as it was so busy. A pretty basic menu, it’s eggs anyway you like, pancakes, or a full English, which makes choosing what you want when your stomach is rumbling very easy.


We went for one Eggs Benedict (£8.50), two eggs Florentine (£7.50) and one pancakes with berries (£7.50), plus prosecco as it was a Sunday and none of us were surprisingly hungover. The bottle of prosecco (£28) was cheaper than getting a breakfast cocktail or an individual glass each. A bellini, or bloody mary was £8, which we were apprehensive to order as the drink would come to more than our actual food.


The pancakes were light and fluffy with the berries giving them a zing, and the creme fraiche was never too over powering. The eggs got rave reviews too. Poached eggs can only come one way – with perfect soft yolks that burst once you poke them with your fork, and these didn’t disappoint. Plus, they weren’t ruined by too much hollandaise.

The food doesn’t come quickly, which is what you what with a brunch. it gave us time to chat, catch up and enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend.

On weekends their brunch menu is served between 9.30am until 4.30pm, while from ​Tuesdays through to Fridays from 9.30am until 5pm.

It came to £59 for the four of us.

New brunch fave.

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