Address: Unit S38, Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8PQ


Opening Times:
Monday – closed
Tuesday 5-10pm (last booking 9pm)
Wednesday 12-3pm (last booking 2.30pm) 5-10pm (last booking 9pm)
Thursday 12-3pm (last booking 2.30pm) 5-10pm (last booking 9pm)
Friday 12-3pm (last booking 2.30pm) 5-10pm (last booking 9.30pm)
Saturday Brunch 11-3pm /Lunch 12-3pm (last booking 2.30) 5-10pm (last booking 9.30pm)
Sunday Brunch 11-4pm/Lunch 12-4pm (last booking 3pm)

Online booking:


This Pop Brixton venue has changed hands several times but has been fish restaurant the last two times. The painting of the fish on the ceiling is probably  some encouragement to stick to this theme. Eight place sittings on long tables mean that there is room for the waiting staff and it doesn’t feel crowded. Sit away from the door for a view of the open kitchen.

This is fish, fish and more fish. You can choose a la carte or just have the six dish tasting menu for £25. We were on a strict time limit, so we chose two dishes from the a la carte to share between us and a dessert each. The menu has 4 parts – starter sized dishes, small plates, mains and then desserts.

We chose the Poitin ceviche with cucumber and lime but turned down the shot of Poitin to go with it. This dish was fantastic and we rarely go over the top on anything especially ceviche, as we think of ourselves as experts after travelling through Peru. There was just enough heat but the lime and cucumber cut through to make it a really refreshing start to the meal and prevent the chilli from overpowering our next fish course.



Poitin is an Irish distilled drink that can be anywhere from 40% alcohol to a blinding (and I really mean that) 90% alcohol. There is a little bit dribbled on the ceviche but we couldnt taste it.

Our shared main course was a whole John Dory. This was the dish of the day on the blackboard and so not on the printed menu, but we hope it is reappears soon. As you can see below it’s large and we were glad we shared. Again the fish was really good, not overcooked or too wet or chewy. We finished it all and only left a few bones. But we wanted to talk more about the accompanying dish, the Prik Nam Pla sauce with warm pickled Shitake glass noodles. We asked for spoons to finish the sauce and didn’t let any go to waste. You know umami, well this is double umami. If it is anywhere on the menu then choose it.


For desserts we had an Affogato and an Earl Grey panna cotta with clementine, rosemary and biscotti. Both of which were nicely completed the meal. We didn’t take any photos as we had been joined by other diners.

We washed it all down with three large glasses of wine, choosing from a reasonably long list. There was also beer. The bill came to £67.00 without the service charge. So not cheap but the food was great and we certainly intend to return to try out the tasting menu, which appears to be excellent value.

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