Eat of Eden

IMG_0281 2020-01-09 13_23_58

Address: Unit 4, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8PR

Phone: 020 7737 7566


Opening times:
Monday: 11:00 – 18:00
Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00 – 22:00

Don’t assume because this is a Vegan restaurant we are changing our diet for January. This was a spur of a moment Wednesday evening dinner and we are so glad we made the effort (finally) to visit this place at the front of Brixton Village. There is a relatively large outside but onlya small inside for 6 people; so choose your night if you intend to eat in. Most people seem to come for a takeaway.

The menu isn’t long although there are plenty of choices to be made after you think you know what you are having as the meals come with rice (big choice) and potentially a salad (rainbow, seaweed or rocket and avocado) and then there is a vegetable (callaloo, dumplings, plantain and other things). There are platters, burgers, wraps and meals involving chickpeas, ackee, stewed peas, pumpkin, sweet potato etc. As they say on the website, their menus are inspired by Caribbean Ital and European recipes, ‘made with love’ to produce that home cooked feeling.

We chose an ackee and sweet pepper meal with callaloo, black rice and rainbow salad and a mushroom burger with sweet potato fries and an avocado salad.

As you can see it is all very healthy and very large! I loved every bit of the mushroom burger – it was spicy and sweet (a Greg Wallace moment), the salad contained rocket, olives, tomato (fresh and dried) and watercress with a sprinkling of avocado (but definitely enough). The fries were flabby but we didn’t mind.

IMG_2834 2020-01-09 13_26_08There were buckets of soft ackee (a yellow fruit that has to be almost rotten before picked)  and it was lightly spiced that left a warm feeling. The rainbow salad was described as lovely, the callaloo was a little stringy but didn’t prevent it from being completely devoured. The black rice was a really good foil for everything else.

IMG_2836 2020-01-09 13_27_16

We washed them all down with a local Brixton Sorrel (red) and an Ital sea moss. The sea moss was quite expensive and tasted mainly of cinnamon and the Sorrel had a background of ginger.IMG_2833 2020-01-09 13_24_44

The total bill came to £32.65 which doesn’t include service, which was really swift. We will return as they were friendly and the food was really good. We felt healthier but my centre of gravity had definitely moved lower. Next time maybe we will share.


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