Ice Cream Union – Home Delivery

Tel 020 7327 9042

Provide the following:

  • Number of tubs and flavours requested
  • Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Address and Postcode
  • Special Instructions for the driver

Every now and again we need some sweetness in our lives and Ice Cream Union based in Bermondsey can provide it with home delivered ice creams. They have a great assortment from worthy vegan sorbets (rhubarb, blackberry, blackcurrant, blood orange, cucumber etc) to the creamy strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. But they also roam into unusual flavours like breton caramel, peanut butter, matcha and cornflake. The list is long but has helpful notation for gluten free, vegan, soy, egg, nuts, alcohol (surprisingly in the cucumber sorbet) and milk options.

They deliver in batches and four is the minimum. We ordered salted caramel, lemon pie, fior de latte and coffee. They come in polystyrene boxes and so far we have tried two of them. The lemon pie (contains egg and milk) tastes like the best lemon curd, sharp but rich. The salted caramel went well with the rich chocolate cake we made to use up some of the cocoa powder we found in the back of the cupboard.

They come quickly and are filling the space in the freezer which used to house the frozen peas. We are really looking forward to trying the rest of them on these warmer days. You can pay by cash or card – there is a card payment handheld with your driver. They are expensive – £10 per large tub but worth it for decadence, especially when there is no Easter egg delivery. The cost for four large tubs is £40 including delivery.

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