En Root – plant powered goodness – restaurant delivery

Address: 5 Ascot Parade, Clapham Park Road, SW4 7EY
Tel: 020 8001 6603

Email: enrotldn@gmail.com
Website : https://www.enrootldn.co.uk/
Instagram/Facebook: @enrootldn

Open for delivery orders: Thursday to Saturday – Noon to 9:00 pm.

Today we tried a home delivery of their ready meals. This follows the delivery of a box of fresh fruit and vegetables (see review here) that we agreed was a great success. They offer Indian inspired food that includes gluten free and vegan options and and is all veggie. And we agree with the claim that this is definitely “plant powered goodness” with “Indian fusion, international confusion”.The menu isn’t huge, so easy to negotiate around. Starters, mains and desserts with a sideline in Raja Bonnet sauce – more of that later.  Traditional Indian starters like poppadoms and chutney, pakora, uttapam (South Indian pancake) and pani puri, but they are mixed up with non-traditional ones like cassava chips, dhal avocado crumpet and massala mogo (cassava chips with lemon,tomato and Raja Bonnet sauce).

We chose the pani puri (one bite explosions of light mini baskets filled with beetroot, onion, chickpeas and pomegranate) with a little pot of tamarind sauce. From a random sample we found that the best way to eat them is to pour a little tamarind sauce into the basket and then pop into your mouth in one go. Don’t pour the sauce onto the plate as it just makes the bottom too soggy and the filling drops out. Delicious to get the taste buds working.For a main course we let rip with a Masal Dosa (lentil and Rice pancake filled with Saag Aloo served with Sambal – sort of soup). It also came with a little carrot salad. All demolished – what more can I say, except keep a tissue or napkin nearby as you will need it with this finger food.

We also ordered a Raja Wrap (veg and salad in a wrap – lots and lots of them). This one was definitely enough for one and a half people, especially when ordered with cassava chips which were big chunks of toasted cassava. I think this may be affected by personal taste, as there was a split decision in our house. My partner dipped them into the sambal and polished off the lot.

So far so good – but what was a bit surprising was the lack of any real heat or enough seasoning. Fortunately it’s easy to add salt and we had taken the opportunity to order a bottle of their own Raja Bonnet sauce, which will blow your head off, so beware.

We never got as far as ordering dessert but next time I am going to try the Mango Lassi cheesecake. This is gluten free, because the base is made of oats, coconut and dates with a chia, cashew and mango lassi topping. Sounds lovely, but on this occasion I think I would have needed to save it for the next day. The price, including delivery by Deliveroo (other options are available), was  around £25.00.

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