Naughty Piglets – the takeaway

address: 28 Brixton water lane, SW2 1PE

telephone: 020 7274 7796


We are carrying on with our take away and delivery reviews and this week we went to the 2019 winner of the EatinBrixton Favourite Restaurant – from our annual public vote. Our full review was back in 2015 – see here. This is not the cheapest takeaway and you do have to pick it up. The only other problem is that this is not quick – you need to order a week before you need it. But it was worth the wait.

We chose one starter, one fish course, one meat course and a dessert. There was enough for two of us. We chose the burrata, the crab, the pork belly and the chocolate mousse. We really enjoyed every course but next time we hope they provide a menu, as it was hard to work out what went with what. And what you receive may change from the one posted.

So as a guess we had burrata with some really lovely dukka (I am going to run out of adjectives before I have finished). The burrata was soft and creamy as it should be but you need something a little sparky to go with it and the dukka was it.

Next the fish course which was described as coming with peanut and picked cabbage. The pickled cabbage was quite sharp, so they could have reduced it a bit. We had some yuzu and oil dressing which came in very handy for a later salad. We were not quite sure about the peanut sauce but we went along with it.

Next was the meat and this was not quite as good as the other courses. This might be that are becoming vegetarian without noticing it. But perhaps also because when we re-heated it we should have done it for longer. This came with sushi rice, which needs a bit of steaming, some pickled cucumber and courgette which we guessed might need heating. We should have put the sauce on the top when we heated the pork, as it was delicious. This was some kind of Mexican chili which is deeply flavoured and the warmth creeps up without blowing your head off. Delicious.

Finally we had the chocolate mouse with peanuts on top and salted caramel on the bottom. This is it divided between two. Plenty for us both and incredibly light and airy. Loved it.

Our advice to Naughty Piglets is to provide a guide of what goes with what. The cost was about £45.00 but that’s a guess as I lost the bill. Not cheap but not bad for two for food that’s a cut above the usual. We ate it at the table, not in front of the TV – definitely the right place for such a good meal and as menus change each week we will be trying again when we feel in need of something special.

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