Halo Burger – Delivery

PopBrixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ
(That’s what’s on their website, but Deliveroo think it’s 144 Stockwell Rd, SW9 9TQ)

Website: https://haloburger.co.uk/

Opening hours: Check Deliveroo site here.

No cows were involved in the production of these burgers as they are vegan. We reviewed it a while ago (see here). We decided to try it again because: (1) it is close by; (2) when we were hungry it was open; and (3) most importantly, you didn’t have to book several days in advance. The Deliveroo service was prompt.

There are five different burgers if you double count the added cheese. We chose their Cheese burger and the Smoky Carolina BBQ signature.  The cheeseburger comes with one of your five a day (onion, lettuce, tomato and gherkins) and their signature sauce. The BBQ comes with “crispy online strips” which we guessed were onion, and barbecue sauce. Both had cheese of different sort (American and Smoked Gouda), although we were hard pressed to see or taste the difference.Both burgers are “100% plant-based ” and seem to be sourced from Beyond Burger – and you can order them online and cook them yourself. For more details see here. We liked them when we tried them in person, but we don’t think they travel well.  This may be a problem for all burgers. The ones we received were not as pink and we guess that travelling means they steam the burgers, cooking them even more and making the buns too soggy. We also had two portions of chips with “pink salt”, which although not particularly pink, were fine. These came with a vegan mayonnaise.

So not a great success, but we were full afterwards, which was the point. The cost – £33.74 via Deliveroo with a tip is a bit steep for a couple of not very special burgers plus chips, but we do want them to stay in business. We will probably leave a revisit for when they reopen and we can eat them fresh from the griddle.

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