Fishbowl – the takeway


Address: 5 Atlantic Road, London, SW98HX

Phone: 020 3995 5299

Open: From 3:00 pm (Deliveroo)

Website (Deliveroo):

Instagram (Order by DM): #fishbowl_brixton

This is another black owned restaurant that got in touch following our Instagram post on black businesses in Brixton – see here. So we decided to give it try on our Friday night takeway slot. They don’t have their own website and we ordered through Deliveroo. But their own Instagram bio says you can also order via DM. We ordered earlier in the day so cannot comment on how quickly the food will arrive.

It’s one of the earlier businesses to open in the renovated arches in Atlantic Road. It’s not your usual fish and chip shop and in normal times the emphasis might be as much on the cocktails as on the food. But they do have prawn, calamari or squid and chips on the relatively short menu. If you want to splash out (no pun intended), then order the lobster boil in the bag (lobster, king prawns, shell prawns, crab, potatoes, blue swim crab and corn on the cob) at £60, or the Boil in the bag crab (snow crab, king prawns, shell prawns, potatoes, blue swim crab) at £30. We decided on a more modest choice – Tilapia and new potatoes with special fish sauce and a portion of squid and twice fried chips.


The tilapia was great – not overcooked and the potatoes were fantastic. There is always a problem with little pots of sauce that you get with takeaways, as you end up having to make a guess about which one goes with which plate, but the creamy one went well with the fish.


We are now wary of getting delivered chips, as they tend to steam in the takeaway containers, but these twice fried chunky chips survived the best so far. There were several sauces to choose from and the heat and salt (added a bit more) to the dish definitely elevated this. The green sauce in the small pot was super hot, so was probably meant for the squid. However, the squid also came with some red sweet chilli sauce. Each dish came with a surprise portion for our fruit and veg of the day.


We think this place deserves several mentions – we will visit again very soon. Definitely head and shoulders above many other offerings, although it is on the expensive side – £36.00 without the Deliveroo tip, but we would definitely pay that again for such delicious food. Might even try the lobster for a special occasion.

And did we mention that we are on Instagram? See here #eatinbrixton

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