Negril – the takeaway




Address: 132 Brixton Hill, Brixton, London, SW2 1RS


Online orders:

Phone: 020 8674 8798

Today is #BlackPound day – we will be visiting another black owned business tonight but thought we should let you know of a long-standing favourite – Negril provides authentic Jamaican food in a friendly atmosphere. See our last review here Link. It’s some time since we last visited. It’s always busy and up Brixton Hill so we always book. In lockdown we decided to put it to the takeaway test.

They have their own system for ordering which may differ a bit from the web version. If they have run out of something they call to adapt the order. We chose the curry platter, which provides two curries, two portions of rice, a roti and a mixed salad. The website allows you to select the curries and we went for the curry goat and ital stew. We also ordered a small portion of jerk wings – because why not.

The order came punctually with everything in place. The wings were not super hot and came with a scotch bonnet sauce, so you can heat it to your liking which suited us.


The goat was lovely and tender, the chicken well cooked but the best bit was the rice and peas – best in Brixton we think if that isn’t too much of a challenge to the other establishments. The salad was fresh and crunchy with a lovely lemony mayonnaise.

Like most Ital food we needed a bit of seasoning, but the scotch bonnet sauce was enough heat and we just added some salt and pepper.


We are a bit worried that they may have toned down the spice for the Brixton non-Caribbean clients, as we have eaten from road-side stalls in Jamaica, where the heat can blow off the top of your head. But the addition of the sauce does allow room for tailoring it to everyone’s taste. The cost was at the upper end of what we are willing to pay – not far short of £50. We had leftovers the next day.

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