Unit 16


address: Unit 16 Market Row Brixton

This is a small pop-up in Market Row just next to Salon. We have passed it several times and it has always been full or filling up but on this Friday night it was empty when we arrived and they were “just setting up”. This was a bit of a surprise as it was after 7.00pm and they were clearly missing the first wave of people eating before going off to the Ritzy. They also told us that they had no food except bar snacks – so we left to get something to line our stomachs. On our return through the market we popped in again. This time there were a few others – now about 8.00pm – we were still worried that this place would not survive.

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The Botanical – pop-up cocktails

address: 65 Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour lane, London, SW9 8PS

telephone: 07919542233

emailt: Brixtoncornercopia@googlemail.com


Botanicals is a pop-up cocktail bar in Brixton Village which is in one of the main parts of Cornercopia. Look for the large martini glass in lights. There is no booking for the bar but it is open just after the sun goes under the year arm so if you get there early you are allowed to use the tables outside and inside until diners arrive.

We visited on a Tuesday and it was empty, so a seat in the alleyway watching the Village fill up was perfect. The list of cocktails is not extensive -only 10 – but they are all definitely unusual. The ingredients have a bias towards the English fare served in the restaurant with Boxer Gin and Old Salt Rum and Chase Vodka (which according to their website is best in the world above Russian makes). Some of their bitters come from across the alleyway – Federation Coffee bitters.

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