Bacon Sandwich

Here at eatinbrixton we are devotees of a good bacon sandwich. They are a guilty pleasure for many; even for some vegetarians. So we’ve set out to check what’s on offer in Brixton. The best place to get a bacon sandwich is, of course, a proper ‘greasy spoon’, or what used to be called a working man’s caff. These are now an endangered species in Brixton, but they can be found. We also checked out what was on offer from one of the newer more foodie options, as well as simply making one at home.We tried a couple of classic caffs, The Express in Market Row and Sam’s in Acre Lane. Then there’s CJ’s, also in Market Row, which describes itself as a ‘deli’ but, in practice is much like a caff. For comparison we tried what was on offer at a representative of nu-Brixton, at Canova Hall. And then, finally, we made one at home, using what’s on offer from the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Brixton Station Road

Our conclusions are at the end, but points to bear in mind are that views do vary as to what constitutes a good bacon sandwich. If you are particular, then you need to make clear what you expect when you order, especially with regard to the type of bread, whether you want to add the sauce yourself, either tomato or brown, and, crucially, how crisp you want the bacon. For this review we left the crispness of the bacon to the café, which can lead to disappointment. All the sandwiches were of a similar size.

Sam’s Café

85 Acre Lane, SW2 5TN

I was asked what type of bread I wanted and there was a choice of sauce on the table. It cost £2.00.

Express Café

5-17 Market Row, SW9 8LB

Tel: 020 7978 8515

The bacon was nearly crisp enough for my taste, i.e. crunchy. I was asked what sauce I wanted. It cost £2.20.

CJ’s Deli Café/Bar

16 Market Row, SW9 8


I was asked what type of bread I wanted and there was a choice of sauce on the table. It cost £2.30.

Canova Hall

250 Ferndale Road, SW9 8BQ

020 7733 8356

There’s plenty of bacon but it’s far from crisp enough and they added tomato sauce without checking first. It cost £5.00.

Home made

The bread was a small white bloomer from the excellent Old Post Office Bakery stall and the streaky bacon, my preference, from Boarstall Meats. The result is shown in the main photograph.


If you just want a bacon sandwich, then don’t go to Canova Hall. It’s twice as expensive as elsewhere and, unfortunately, not as good, even if there was no shortage of bacon. You might go there for other reasons, of course. Of the others, Sam’s is probably the best as well as the cheapest, saving the home-made, but not by enough to make it worth a trip down Acre Lane, depending on where you are starting from. And the only real gain from home made is you can get the crispness you want.

2 thoughts on “Bacon Sandwich

  1. I love “Eat in Brixton” and I have lived in Brixton all of my 65 years and have dined at some of your recommendations
    Are Boarstall Meats are in Brixton?

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